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Exhaust for VTR250 (Which type to buy?)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FormerUser3, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. I have a brand new VTR250 and want to upgrade the exhaust, so it sounds like a bike.

    Please give me some recommendations.

    What exhaust?
    How much?
  2. Steve,
    I put a set of Megacycle pipes on my baby "Z" for the same reason, at least it sounds like it's got cohone's......and the cars can hear me...
  3. I know Staintune does a set for the vtr not cheap though, mind you quality never is.
  4. A quick question, not criticising, just asking as a noob, what sort of performance increase do you get with a new set of pipes? What's the cost? In your opinion is it worth it? (Obviously it is, as you've put new exhausts on your bikes, but why?)
  5. With mine it was a combination of the pipes, reworked chip, airfilter. I think a release of around 9 - 10 hp but cannot be certain. I know it sounds so much better (no comments on the clutch from anyone) than standard. Plus the fact I set car alarms off as I ride past is always a bonus. hehehehe
  6. Good question, I have been told that there is no performance difference, but it's the sound thing, I can hardly hear the bike with my helmet on.
    So the main reason for changing is the sound thing...
  7. It seems like staintune vrs megacycle. Price for staintune is $650 vrs $525 for the megacycle, they both cut the existing exhaust off.

    Both seem to be the same, carbon fibre is $150 extra.
  8. We have another option Steve, give both a call and see if either is willing to be listed with Netrider as a discount provider, never know, you may get lucky..
  9. Madaz do sweet sounding can for the 1/4 horse. 8)
  10. Heard a vtr 250 with megacycle pipe.
    Sounded awesome.
    Bang for buck the megacycle is cheaper and sounds as good as the staintune
  11. My mate just got himself a brand new VTR and put a megacycle pipe on it. I think the pipe, a new filter and re-jetting cost him about $650.
  12. Cowboy, why a new filter and re-jetting?

    I am not a mechanical nut, I am what they call a nutter....
  13. Congrats on the VTR Steve! Excellent bike (have I already said that.....)

    I am hoping to get a new pipe for my VTR250 but just waiting for the cash fairy to drop by my pillow.....

    Have looked into prices for Madaz so far, $590. Need to check out the others. Certainly something I want to get. Noise saves lives apparently.... and shits off cagers..... Blip the throttle and they drop their mobile phones which they shouldn't be on anyway while driving....!!!
  14. The filter helps get more air into the engine. Its a freer flowing item. The Jets go in the carbys and allow more fuel. Its then tuned to acheive the correct air:fuel ratio. All up it increases the HP of the bike and also smooths out the power curve.
  15. Where did you buy your bike from? My mate got his from Redwing and they are doing the filter, jetting, pipe and tuning for around $650.
  16. Understand I will ask the bike shop about this, its in getting it's first service. Why don't these bike shops discuss these options when getting new pipes. Thank God for guys like you and the netrider forum.

    Thanks again.........
  17. Bought it privately from Port Melbourne.

    Originally it belonged to a guy who worked at Redwing and bought it from Redwing, then he sold it to a mate who is the guy I bought it from. Need to go to Redwing and see if they have the service history.....

    Maybe get original dealer discount :wink:
  18. No probs. He asked specifically about pipes when he purchased it. Ask your local Honda dealer. They'll be able to help you out.
  19. Mr Epa will be watching you or was that me