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Exhaust for Ninja 250R

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by modern_ninja, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to put a new exhaust on my bike. I figure i'm going to be spending the next couple of years on it, it may as well sound good. As opposed to the current stock and very ninja-esque (read: nearly silent) sounding exhaust.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a system that has a deeper sound? I was looking up yoshi's on youtube and they all sounded a bit... tinny. Is this because the bike is a 250? Is there any other kind of exhaust that works well? Or should I just go for the yoshi because my computer speakers suck?

    Thanks in advance,

    Modern Ninja.
  2. I'm a fan of the megacycle cans. Not sure if they're ninja friendly though...
  3. Yoshi, Ixil .... there are a number of different ones. Depends on how much you want to spend. Do you have a budget?
  4. I've had a yoshi and now a M4. M4 is louder (at least seems that way to me) and cheaper but the Yoshi isn't exactly quiet either and I think it's lighter.

    I found when I was looking into exhausts that most of the youtubes clips have pretty crap sound quality because they're taken on camera phones so they don't capture the sound anywhere near as good as to how they sound in real life.

    Either way I think most exhausts you get will sound better than the stock, just find one that you think looks best and fits in your budget.
  5. on the gf bike we have the IXIL without the baffle and its loud and i know when she is coming up the street on the bike.
  6. I'd like to get an exhaust as cheap as possible. But I want it to sound decent.

    I did figure that maybe the sound wasn't great. So my best bet would be to find a ninja with some aftermarket exhausts and get the owner to fire them up while i'm standing there to get an idea about the sound.

    Everything will sound better than stock though. thanks for the help... any other suggestions would be great.
  7. There is a 2 Bros on Ebay ATM....could be worth a look (?)
  8. Two Brothers exhaust sounds very good in person, fair bit deeper and throatier. Supposed to make the performance better as well but it'd only be a solitary horsepower or two if it does. IMO not worth the money.

    I'd get as cheaper one as you can get away with, because at the end of the day they're all pretty similar - a perforated tube wrapped in fibreglass batting, then enclosed in an steel/aluminum/titanium/carbon fibre outer body. You should be able to get something to suit for about $200. It'll do the same job as any of the brands that are 'worth' $500 or more, and after slapping a decal on there you wouldn't know the difference.

    This ebay listing has a video that lets you properly hear the sound of it. This is pretty much exactly what the Two Brothers pipe sounds like in person come to think of it. I would buy something like this if it was my bike. Link: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/kawasaki-nin...orcycle_Parts_Accessories&hash=item20b369c909

    Cheers - boingk
  9. This.

    I bought some perforated tube and muffler packing from an exhaust shop and made my own. Just hollow out the stock muffler and weld everything back up. It cost about $50 and took just over an hour to make.
  10. I've got a Megacycle one on mine and it sounds pretty good (for a 250), gets a few compliments from other ninja riders. I bought the bike 2nd hand and it weas already fitted so can't comment on price. I think they have a shop or factory in Keysborough or around there somewhere.
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    Here's an '09 250R with stock, Akra with and without the insert. With the insert the mechanics were surprised how quiet it was and how close is was to the stock pipe's loudness apart from the deeper note. Without the insert it "burbles", sounds meaty when decelerating :)

    Some wind noise in the vids below.

    Photo album

  12. I had two bros on my Ninja and in my opinion it was the loudest and deepest muffler out of the other ones available. My mates had Megacycle, yoshi and I've heard an IXIL and Akra of fellow members from rides and everyone says my two bros is the loudest.
    It gets a little annoying on long freeway rides but you're definitely safer on the road as people can hear you coming.
    You'll notice some sort of power gain too. People say the flow is better, but I reckon its the Carbon fibre material they use on Two Bros that reduces a significant amount of weight.
  13. Significant being several kilograms in this case. Aluminum would have the same effect, or almost any aftermarket can.

    I would recommend a carburettor tune up if you do get a new end can.

    Cheers - boingk
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    I had a 2Bros on mine, but beware... it's loud.


    This is me at the island, you can hear me still at full noisedown at turn 1 and turn 2.
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    Put V&H on my daughter's ninja 250 this morning...sounds brilliant. She'll have the bike for a few years, so it was worth the dollars IMHO.

    Some bloke in America [URL="
  16. Gotta say, they both sound remarkably similar to the 'generic' can that I posted a video of on page 1. No offence, but I would more than likely get the 'generic' brand can for my bike, if I was inclind to get anything at all that is.

    Hell, save for the larger capacity bike f you're getting one in not too long. Thats my opinion.

    - boingk
  17. The Akra "burbles" without the silencer when you downshift/slow down...quite loud without the silencer espc at 10K rpm, bearable with it in. Quite different to the stock. Wish there hadn't been wind noise when I took those vids.

  18. Thanks for all the info guys.

    I looked into getting a shop to remove the baffles from the stock exhaust.... $180!!!!

    Generic Can?

    So looking at "generic" stuff, i found this on ebay. The seller has a good rating, just wondering if there is anyone out there that has bought one from this seller and if it was any good.

    OR if anyone has an opinion i'm keen to hear it.

  19. So, I bought that generic can.

    Put it on this arvo... And it sounds really good. Install was easy as and now I have a bike that you can actually hear.

    Bike sounds really good under decel and when idling. Cruising at 60ks 5k rpm, i think the bike might sound a bit like a dirt bike (only downside i can see). I'll need a bystander to confirm what it actually sounds like. I'll find out and post back.

    I would actually recommend this seller if there is anyone out there looking for a slip-on to a ninja exhaust. Good price for a good product. I daresay a brand name exhaust would kick this one's butt, however for those that are interested in value and not neccesarily having a mean sounding 250, this can is so worth it.

    Thank you all for your help. It is much appreciated and I think i've made a good choice :D


    ps. I'll be investing in a real exhaust when I get a real bike ;) :D