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Exhaust for my hornet 900

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by oztom, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Have stock exhaust on my new hornet 900 but looking at getting something that looks sporty and has a nice tone when under throttle, but not too loud all of the time.


  2. Thanks, looks like they are all I need.
  3. I would be interested in your stock exhausts if you're getting rid of them...

  4. Megacycle's great. I had Staintunes and they looked nice and sounded good.

    I've got a set of spare stock H9 pipes Muppeteer.
  5. Hornet pipes.

    I'm not real happy with the exhaust system of the stock Hornet900. Yeah, the bike runs fine, is fun, etc, but where the pipe first goes from two into one gives me the creeps. Instead of going up in size it necks down in diameter! Just WRONG for any idea of increasing performance, as to me it is choking the hell out of it. If anything the pipe should step up in size, then split to half that out to the twin mufflers. Then the cans should be able to allow the donk to breath, and muffle?
    As such I can't see the sense in putting $1200+ worth of name brand closed course race can slip ons with massive exits, that will only give you maybe 10 neddies, and a foot lb of torque, but also null and void your ADR for noise!?
    Surely there has to be a more scientific and refined way of making the bike meet the noise ADR, yet give you the performance boost like you would from making it an antisocial neighbourhood alarm clock?
    Any ideas?
    Anyone know where they can make or modify existing exhaust systems?
  6. Madaz cans I got for my 900 Hornet also came with a replacement 'Y' connection pipe which did not reduce in internal diameter at all, liek the standrd one does.

    There is a vacume hose which connects to a diaphragm that operates a rod into your airbox that restricts airflow in certain gears (1st??). Disconnecting the hose will disable this "restricting effect".

    Although I found horsepower the least of my worries on a 900 Hornet, there's plenty there.

    I believe there should not be a problem with noise levels on bikes with aftermarket systems.
    In-line 4s will never put out the noice levels that a 72degree aircooled twin (Harleys) with short unmuffled straight-out pipes will do.
  7. I would like to get rid of my stock cans as well, but can't really justify spending $1200+ on what basically only amounts to a sound modification, bugger all difference in performance. I would like to "do" the entire system - I have seen some guys use the old fireblade (1998?) headers, pipes and can.
  8. Hey oztom,

    Have you had any luck with Megacycle? Any ideas on price? I'm looking for an aftermarket set of pipes but don't want to pay a mint either (I was looking at just modifying a stock pipe) if they're a decent price, maybe he can knock up a couple of sets at once?


  9. Well I did it, I bough some Yoshimura TRS Carbon slip ons for my Hornet 900, so now I can have a few more neddies, a bit more torque, and several kilo's lighter. Also getting a Power Commander, so a few more neddies, better fuel economy, and ... they will look pretty hot.
  10. got a quote from megacycle for hornet 900.. $800 Aluminum $1000 Stainless.. i thought it would be cheaper though