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Exhaust for Hornet 600

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by suzyq, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Ok, so one of the first mods I want to do to my new Hornet is the exhaust cos at the moment IMO it sounds pretty weak.. :? I'm still considering what exhaust to put on.. Staintunes, Yoshi's etc.. but what I'm worried about is the standard pipe has a heat shield cos it is high mounted to shield the pillions legs from the heat and I still want to be able to pillion once I have the new pipe. So how does everyone else go with this? Edgelett, Camhornet how do you find this? I have noticed that the standard pipe seems bigger than the aftermarket ones. Maybe the aftermarket ones tuck in under the rear cowling better?? And would an oval or tri-oval one be better than a round one?


  2. I always thought Hornet600 was full of hot air, but really. :LOL:
  3. Suzy, depending on what aftermarket can you get, it most likely won't get hot enough to be a pain to your pillion.
    i.e micron carbon fibre cans emit bugger all heat (my BF has one on his CB1300) and I know Cam pillions his missus around & he has a Titanium Micron.

    I don't take pillions on my bike - they might scratch it :LOL:
    seriously - i really didn't even consider pillion comfort when I got my devil pipes, I just wanted ones that sounded hot.

    The heat shield on the standard hornet exhaust is simply because the exhaust itself has no shielding built into it. most aftermarket cans have shielding built in to them & don't get hot on the CAN part (the exhaust link pipe still burns though, trust me.)

    My choices for aftermarket Hornet cans, based on looks & sound, were Micron, Blueflame, and Devil. Depending on whether you can get them to fit your year bike, Two Brothers are awesome too. but you really need to check what's available for the YEAR of your Hornet cause they do vary a lot.
  4. one other thing - any aftermarket can will be a LOT lighter than the standard!
  5. Better not ride it either then.... ya GOOSE! :LOL:
  6. c'mon loz, you know I was kidding.
    a little :p

    to be honest I just don't like worrying about that extra person. rather just worry about me.
  7. Hi SuzyQ!

    I don't have a heat shield on my stainless steel micron. In all honesty, it looks better without it. See piccy below.

    The report from the pillion-in-a-million is that it's surprisingly cooler than the original pipe. Not sure why, but who am I to complain.

    The note can be heard at the below link, I recorded it at home so I didn't open it up past 6000 rpm. The best stuff's past 8K.
  8. exhaust

    Yea i have a carbon fiber remus on my 600 and it emits nothing in the way of heat really. I pillion my girlfriend around alot and she doesn't even notice its there.
    Just go by your price, what sounds good and what looks good.
    mega cycle if your in Melbourne are a good option as well partner of netrider i think.....
    standard hornet 600 can looks really really poxy imo and u can't just remove the heat shield as its not stainless underneath it and it has these lugs or plugs that the shield went so it looks real bad :grin:
  9. ..

    mebe the hornet 600 owners on here can record the sound of their pipes... (i know edge has hers on here already) and stick em on here that way u can listen to some different pipes and make ur own mind up :wink:
    what'dya think horny owners?
  10. sounds good, i'll borrow a video camera this week & take some footage at full noise.
  11. Thanks guys that would be awesome. I truly know nothing about exhausts and yeah I guess I 'll make a decision based on price and sound. I do want to get a stainless one though. I think the shiny look goes best with the blue! :grin: And its good to hear about the heat issue. It was something I was a little concerned about. :) I gotta agree the standard exhaust on the Hornet is poxy! Can't wait to get the new one!

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  13. Gotta agree edgelett.. they look horn!! hmmmm.. Decisions!!
  14. I love the devils, but I don't think edge wants anyone else buying them! :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Hey Suzy,

    I bought mine off eBay UK fairly cheap, as it's second hand. The guy was selling all his stuff from the right-hand side of his bike (footpegs, side panels, mirror, etc) so I think he had an off on the left (pipe was undamaged). It's worth the look at www.ebay.co.uk and enquiring with the locals, though postage can cost as much as the pipe!

    I suppose the reason I didn't go local was because the only supported pipe was from Staintune, and it looked too small and understated for me. My pipe was $175 with the delivery $160.
  16. Camhornet, yeah i've been keeping a close eye on ebay uk for stuff, tho I must admit not so much for exhausts. I'm bit of an inpatient person and I reckon that once I make my decision, I'll want it NOW!. :grin:
  17. hey guys,

    dont mean to hi-jack the thread, but ive got a 250 hornet and im looking for some better sound.
    i went to the wreckers today and saw a really nice set of twin remus pipe's on a 900 hornet.......i want them sooooo bad, they wanted $650 though which is way more than i can afford at the moment.

    does anyone have twin pipes on their hornet 250, 600 or 900 and do they sound any good???

  18. 30850_0dcekh_m.
    Yes I do, they sound ok, but have nothing to compare the sound with.
    sounds nothing like edgies devil pipes. :(
  19. that looks really nice! :cool:
    must sound heaps better than the standard pipe, which just has no low note to it at all, just high pitched all the way.

    how much did that system set you back?
  20. came with the bike. :p
    have no idea what brand they are, they have the JMCA sticker on them (something to do with Japan's exhaust rulings) I have no idea where to get them, so you will have to just look and admire. :LOL:

    have you seen gold like this