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exhaust flamethrowers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by bruthahood, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. ok, there is 2 things id like to know,
    firstly, has anyone ever installed, known someone who has installed, or even seen a set of flamethrowers on a bike exhaust?
    i have a dual flamethrowing kit for my bike and the mechanics up the road want $600 to install it when as far as im concerned it no more than an hours worth of work if you know what your doing.
    may sound hypocritical but before i bad mouth them too much, the reason i dont do it myself when i think its 'sooooooooooo easy' is cause im a bad welder. and before i go attempting it id also like to know if the flamethrower computer module will interfere at all with the bikes original computer system (yamaha xvs650 to be specific)
    any help on this would be much appreciated
    second thing id like to know is does anyone think its worth getting the bike dynoed when new pipes are put on it??
    and why?
    thanks for any help regarding this

  2. find a boiler maker (its a proffesion), my weilding skill well they exist but dont get used much i got a frind thats a boil makers and i get him to do all my stuff. I dont know whats involved in doing ur mod but if its just welding and the it has instructions u shouldn't go too wrong.

    i wouldnt pay more than 200 for someone to do it completly if u take it to a metal shop and its all disasembled and all they gota do is weld i reckon u can get it done for 50 - 120 bucks

    If ur still stuck PM me ill see if he is intrested, dont remember where he works but lives near blacktown