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Exhaust dent and bike cuts out

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Treee, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. Model: Honda CB125e, year: 2012, 12,00x km

    So I got a bit too adventurous the other day and thought I could make it over a fairly tall kerb which cost me a medium sized dent on the exhaust:


    There doesn't seem to be any difference in regards to power delivery or top speed which I can quantify so it might be just cosmetic. The water and freezer method seems easiest, has anyone here been successful with that? Then there's a air compressor and torch method which seems a bit dangerous. Or I could just leave it I guess...
    What do you guys reckon?

    Also bike seems to cut out randomly when I apply the brakes lightly or move the handlebars when I first start the bike. Doesn't happen all the time but 10% of the time; say I'm going over a speed bump and I brake before the bump, it just cuts off, lights off engine off. When i push the starter I can resume riding as per usual. Not a major issue just a bit annoying. I assume there is a loose connection somewhere...
    I think it may have started happening when I began to ride in the rain. It's never died in the rain tho.
  2. leave the dent, it won't affect anything.

    find the loose connection.. bike cutting out is dangerous
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  3. I agree with oldcorollas you're stuck with the dent and it won't affect performance. When the bike cuts out does everything die or do you still have lights? If everything dies you should be looking at electrical connectors that affect everything like the battery terminals, ignition etc.
  4. Carefully look for kinking of lines which can occur on moving handlebars. This type of problem usually happens only in one direction eg either R or L turns. Yes, the problem is a serious one to sort out.

    Doubt if the exhaust is anything other than cosmetic but I'm no mechanic.
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    Thanks for the quick reply fellas. Yeh everything cuts off including lights. I'll try suss out the wiring and check battery connection if I can get the damn seat off!

    Yeh if I fiddle with the ignition hole with key in place the electrics come on again. What's the best way to look at wiring without cutting thru the black plastic that wraps around it?
  6. Follow the ignition wiring back to the block connector where it connects to the loom. Give it a wiggle at the connector and see if it cuts out and if that's the weak point. Separate the connector and look for burning or corrosion between the contacts. Give it a clean with contact cleaner if you've got some or wd40. Hopefully that fixes it and the problem isn't in the ignition barrel.
  7. Soz for getting back so late on this...

    Took a look at the block connector and it looked like a nightmare to dismantle as it's squezzed right between the ?tree triple top?. But I mentioned it to the buyer who I sold it too and he was okay with fixing it later. It's definately a problem surrounding the ignition/barrel and not the handlebars wiring or battery connectors
  8. You said when you first start the bike and at no other time... the engine is cold. Moving the bars left or right might pull on the throttle cable a little in the same way trying to give a little throttle can stall the cold engine.

    Riding while the bikes cold the engine might stall for many reasons, the engine is cold you brake without pulling the clutch in or all the way in, or the clutch cable is not adjusted correctly... or because the engine is cold.

    As for the dent in the pipe, It probably wouldn't effect or running, but it will effect exhaust flow which could stall a cold engine.

    when the engine stops running your head light turns off, it needs the supply from the stator to keep it lit.

    I personally think you might be chasing an electrical problem that does not exist.
  9. The problem doesn't exist anymore because it's out of my hands :D