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Exhaust Brands

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by twr7cx, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Trying to find out what's avaliable, anyone able to fill me in on some brands/companys that do exhaust for bikes? I prefer to have a rough idea before I talk to a salesman that is trying to push a brand because it's the one they stock and sell...

    So far I've been looking at the Staintune big bore headers, and I've already got a Laser Pro Duro muffler that I'll get on there. Just wondering if there's any other mobs that'll do larger headers.

  2. Ta, looks like both of them specialise in road bike system but...
  3. Both of them do custom designs... but you may be right in terms of custom designs 'only for road bike'. My apologies.
  4. have you tried big gun, or maybe even ballards?
  5. Pro Curcuit? Theyre apparently the bomb for you durdy boys.
  6. why do you want larger headers? there is an 'optimum' size and length it's not all about how big they are.
  7. Talk to Ken Onus at MEGACYCLE. He knows his stuff. As I type this, he will be on the Hume, coming home from Eastern Creek. Call tues. 0397691200