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Exhaust balance pipe gasket leak

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Fa1c0n, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Hey,

    Just noticed one of the gaskets that connects the rear muffler to the balance pipe seems to be leaking a bit of exhaust.

    Just wondering how bad this is and how urgently I should be replacing it?
  2. is it a Harley or what?
    more info
  3. It sure is.

    2012 Sporster. Vance and Hines slip ons.
    (Just a tip for Netrider, under the user info on the left it has what bike people ride. Also mine is in my signature too.)
  4. Thanks for the tip i ride a XR1200 2009 model black.
    send an email off to Vance and Hines see what they say.
  5. Or just order a pair of gaskets and replace them when you get a chance. Now that it's leaking it will continue to erode and the leak will get worse. On a motorbike it's really only nuisance value and might make a crappy noise. Not like on a car where you might get exhaust coming into the vehicle and get CO poisoning.
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  6. Awesome - Glad to hear.
  7. Might make it go a bit better ;-)
  8. the pipes are linked to help scavenge exhaust gases, so it won't help performance at all if its leaking
  9. This was my thoughts.
    I figured its gonna change the pressure between the two, which could reduce performance right?
  10. something like that
  11. Any potential for damage?
  12. Nothing significant. If you're a bit light on for cash you could seal the section with ye olde fashioned muffler putty. It wont survive being pulled apart again, obviously, but it can seal the leak up well enough if you're concerned about it.
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  13. You are worried about reduced performance on a harley? Scavenging has most effect at high engine speeds. I wouldn't be worried about it. Just change it when you get around to it. Won't be hard. Could probably even try gasket goo in the meantime to see if that does the job.
  14. Or pull it apart and re assemble using some of the orange hi temp silicone to seal it.
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  15. OK cool. Thanks guys.
  16. Bought some gaskets for $5 bucks for two.

    I'll swap 'em when I can be bothered.