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Exhaust and Mufflers

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cakeman, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, i went to midas today to ask about getting my two 1" exhausts in to a 2" so i can have a bigger sporty muffler.

    The bloke wouldnt touch it and said that all mufflers need to be complinanced and even need to show a compliance badge on the muffler. Is this correct?? If so its a real pain in the rear end...... Where would i look at getting this work done in Sydney so its legal?


  2. tell them its being converted into a track bike!
  3. a track bike that needs a roadworthy? lol
  4. Two smaller exhausts on one side? Far more stylish than having one bigger exhaust IMO.
  5. lol good point, though it is a midas place. I'd go see your local independent exhaust place. You'd still need to have them make it so you can put it on and off.
  6. +1... chances are it'll sound better to
  7. RVF should only have one muffler as standard?
  8. ive seen this bike, nothing is standard on it :cool:
  9. It looks decent but it doesnt sound nice and deep. Wouldnt mind the single straight through..... might have to find a local guy to make the pipes and wack a scorpion muffler on or something.
  10. Are they carbon fibre? If you want deeper just replace those two cans with carbon fibre ones. Replacing it with a single stainless steel/titanium/etc wont make it deeper.

    Carbon fibre! :D
  11. Yea they currently are carbon fibre