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Exercise- How do you keep fit?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smileedude, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. I've never been a fat bastard. I've been on and off with regular exercise. Sometimes I would get into something (several seasons of AFL, Rock climbed a lot during my youth, swimming) and stay fit but then stop and get lazy. Never had much consequence, less fit but never any fat. But I am getting to my 30's I hadn't done shit in about 2 years and about 6 months ago all of a sudden started putting on a little podge, I started cycling but it didn't really do that much for me. About 3 months I found the site http://www.fitnessblender.com/ and have been regularly doing a lot of their exercises and getting in pretty good shape. I try to do 2 or 3 of their videos 3-4 days a week. They are free and really good quality and you can do pretty well any exercise type you like.

    So do you keep yourself fit? What do you do?

  2. What AFL club did you play for ?
  3. Sex, at least 3 times a week. Good for the prostate too according to my GP.
  4. I walk as fast as I can to the end of the main road near me, and back again, takes me about 30-35 minutes, every morning.
  5. Can you post a map so we know if your a hero or a piker?
  6. He lives on the Nullabor---hero
  7. Weights 4 times a week, running and the rowing machine!
  8. Gym it up. Been a lazy bastard and only today went back for the first time since June. Won't do that again (only put on 2.5kgs) but it felt like 15!

    I usually do an hour of 80/20 cardio/weights, every second day. Seems to well.
  9. And we all know where the 'prostrate gland' is eh fellas?

    I try to do a 30 min bike ride around the neibourhood as many times a week as I can. Something you can do by yourself and when you want to. Don't have to wait for others. Rains not a problem, just the wind lashing off Port Phillip Bay!
  10. Systema. Bodyweight training. Kettlebells.
  11. Is there a Madame involved in any of those?
  12. By yourself will just strenghen your wrist
    ( i imagine )
  13. By yourself is cool if that's your thing, or the only option, personally I prefer working with an assistant
  14. Boxing and powerlifting
  15. Minimal exercise, very easy to keep fat.
  16. Breathwork too.
  17. I drink beer , its natural and good for you , keep
    The beer fridge in another room and you get
    Plenty exercise
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    This is where its at. Strongest man I've ever met- Ex Spetsnaz Operative Sonny Puzikas. I do this stuff every couple of days and feel like I can rip door handles off lol
  19. Twice a week at the gym and 3-4 times a week a 36 km cycle
  20. Was doing metabolic conditioning stuff. Primarily kettlebell complexes.

    Dougz, this sounds like a stupid question given your background, but your kettlebell work is primarily in the russian uses? Also, have you heard of anyone who has torn their oblique abdominal away from the rectus through either poor form from snatches or one handed push ups?