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Excuse for another helmet?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Inphered, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    My cat managed to knock my helmet from the bench to onto the floor. In the process, one of the airvents on top of the helmet has cracked it looks like the adhesive has come loose. since it was only held on by adhesive, is it safe to assume that it's not compromised in anyway and a bit of tarzans grip to stick the vent back on is ok or is it a good excuse for a new helmet?
  2. Well that or tell the finance minister your Tasmanian
  3. eh? tasmaninan? who are they ;)
  4. good excuse for new helmet :D get a shark
  5. wouldnt of hurt the helmet mate, something needs to be in the helmet on contact to cause any damage
  6. haha i'm guessing that buy that reaction i can glue it back on and save for a decent helmet, not one to bridge the gap.
  7. i love new helmets :)
  8. hahahaha, i'm thinking Shark or Scorpion for my next one....but I guess it can wait.

    Thanks guys
  9. I have lots of helmets.
    2x Arai RX-Q, clear and tinted...
    2x RXT Atoms, clear and tinted... (now for friends to use as i got the Arai's)
    1x RXT Open Face
  10. I just ordered a Rjays TSS Tour-tech. Hasn't turned up yet but all the reviews seem good. Maybe I should of thought to write this post before I ordered it in case you own one and say its crap!

    Meh, new helmets are cool and this one has built in sunnies with the flick of a lever. No more sore ears for me!

  11. You should only trash that helmet if you use it as a coffin for the cold dead body of the cat.
  12. sadly scorpion aren't AS1698 approved
  13. @ TheForgotten, way to take a pin to my bubble of enthusiasm
  14. sorry -- which was your entry again ?
  15. Haha poor Hol, getting lower and lower on that leaderboard i think...
  16. i'm trying to keep your helmets all to myself! i want the one with the teeth on the side :D
  17. haha sorry dude. i'd love an EXO1000 RPM GOLD myself, but that doesn't look to be happening
  18. @Its the Pleats.

    I have an RJays TSS Tour-tech and it's crap :)

    First drop, one of the bolts holding the flip face on snapped off. Turns out it was made of that super duper light weight alloy which is very very weak (Usually seen in cheap chinese products that don't align properly as the bolts are not tapped or died).
    Next thing that broke was the rear exhaust vents. While removing the helmet the vents at the top/back snapped off one of its clips. Only some very very light pressure was put on it and it snapped. It is held on only by 4 tiny clips.

    Very hard to clean front vents if bugs get in.

    Main thing I like about it is its flip face and visor but its build quality is shonky.
    My next helmet will be either an S900 Shark, Takamii (If I ever get the chance to try one on) or Shark Evoline.