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excited? yes i am, read inside to find out why

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by halifax, Dec 12, 2005.

    handing over the money tomorow morning then hopefully pick it up thursday
    ill post pics when i get it

  2. The Spada seems to be quite a popular bike. I wonder why Honda only makes it for a short time!

    Oh, and congratulations mate!
  3. Congrats...Is this your 1st bike??
    good luck with the purchase and have a great time with your new baby \:D/ :biker:
  4. congrats on the bike !! enjoy :D
  5. yeh first bike, cant wait to go for a ride just counting the days
  6. Congrats, mate, another Honda rider !
  7. nice one, mate. welcome to the club.
  8. Congrats on the first bike, Have a ball and stay safe.

  9. Spada's are good

    Almost... too good :wink:

    Wish I had one

    I notice your sidebar thingy says "Spada... for now"? Surely you can't be wanting anything else already.
  10. congrats on a great looking bike! :)

    and yeah i wish that they made more bikes designed for LAMS
  11. thanks for the encouragement guys i was umm'ing and arr'ing about it but am sure i made the right choice now. pick it up thursday arvo cant wait.
    kols kebabs na im more than happy with a spada but i want a mito or rs125 so ive got the spada till i get one of them, looking at it i see how you could mistake it, ill change it
  12. You'll have a ball!

    Congratulations (and stay upright)! :wink:
  13. Congrats on the new steed :D
  14. They were too expensive to produce - the cast frame and 6 speed box made them unprofitable as they couldn't sell them for much less tha a 600.

    ANyway - congratulations - they are fun... :LOL:
  15. Which makes them such great second hand bikes :)

    Spada's sweet, enjoy.

    Workshop manuals live over at http://www.theedgeofmadness.com/spada/spada.html

    Yes, i've got to get around to sticking them all together at some point.
  16. Congrats on the new bike....lots of fun times ahead.

    Make sure you keep it inside though with all the trouble that's happening in Syd.
  17. Congrats. I picked up my Spada last Saturday. You will have a ball! Great bike
  18. Good choice :) Hope you enjoy and stay upright.