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Excited now

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 01slinky07, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. #1 01slinky07, Jan 28, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2016
    Howdy . Being new to riding (@45 yrs of age) i was stoked to get my licence last yr, & just as happy to not have to go through the several yrs of jumping hoops, the powers that be, make young cats do.
    I found this site quite by accident whilst doing some reseach.
    Purchased my 1st bike shortly after aquiring my licence, which was after about 6 long months of looking. Decided to go straight for something id be prepared to keep for a good while, if not only as a 2nd bike. So i purchased a 97 yam xt660z tenere. I had never ridden on dirt, & all my mates were recommending me to put the bike on a truck, or ride the highways home.. Blow that, i wanted an adventure, so i took the calculated risks, & after picking my bike up from Bathurst, rode all the back roads, dirt roads & off road i could find, on what ended up being, 1 hell of a 4day adventure back, to home on the Gold Coast. Travelled only about 200ks of highway in the nearly 2000ks travelled& dropped the girl doing low & slow speeds a few times, but with the inexperience as high as it was, thats exactly what i was expecting.
    Was getting used to how it handles & where the power lays & just starting to want a bit more grunt when she broke down.Bikes been off the rd for 3months now, whilst been sourcing a cdi box, which arrived today. Bikes currently @ mechanics getting rotor & pad replacement front wheel.. Excited to be jumping back in the saddle tomorrow.
    Seen many gr8 topics on this site thatll be sure to keep me reading for wks & keen to jump on some of those trips organised through here as well.
    Still got a truckload to learn & dare say, a bit of skin to lose.
    Look foward to the fun & excitement of it all.

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  2. welcome aboard :) Nothing wrong with doing things differently. glad to see you having fun hope your back on the road having more adventures soon
  3. Nice one mate, I'm sure your not the only one who took the long road home after picking up their first bike but 2000 klms and 4 days ? Crikey. I think u broke a record there. Hilarious. Have fun
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  4. Like Jeff said, welcome aboard. At 45 we don't bounce quite as well as we did, but fortunately, that seems to be less necessary.
  5. Lol..Thanks for the greets peeps.. we certainly dont bounce as well as we used to. But bouncing well isnt the focus@ this stage of life.. ill worry about that when im old...er. Learned to ride a skateboard last yr too. Im into mnt climbing, abseiling & a few other adrenalin type activities ( not quite as big a rush as 'basejumper's') & the bike will be sure to increase that pleasure whilst broadening the fun times. Be riding again by end of today.. woot woot
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  6. Abseiling is fun. It is an awful long time since I've done it, but I remember the rush...
  7. Im on the goldy m8. If your ever up this way n keen to ride & seil, i got plenty of gear & more happy to share its use & the joys. Had been organising small group hiking & abseiling treks for a few yrs, before that dissepating a little when further broadening my 'rush' base.( into ocean kayaking, mnt biking, kite surfing etc)
  8. There doesnt seem to be a 'like' option i can use?? Or do i have domestic blindness? Which wouldnt surprise me.. took me ages to find the 'welcome lounge' after id been scouting on here for hrs yesterday..
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  9. Ta. I did it a couple of times at school, down the face of a 3 story building, and then my best mate found out and invited me, and we went to some Sydney national park, and went down about an 80m drop... "Lean out!" ... yeah... By the end of the day you didn't even think about it. And then my base man got nervous because I got too confident, and tightened the rope, and I ended up dangling from my ankles about 60 ft up...

    [edit] See where it says QUOTE and REPLY on the lower right? Hover your mouse over that...
  10. Ha..awesome.. bet the last bit gave u a rush again.. Unless theres need, or with working with inexperienced cats, we self rapell rather than belay.. Just that little bit more excitement..
    & thanks for the pointer.
  11. Dam .. im using a ph atm, or tablet later, no mouse.. & pressing on either quote or reply doesnt seem to be brining up a 'like' option..
  12. Ah, the joys of phondle slabs... When I started learning Linux and Assembler in '96, I never quite thought it would become old school, but I seem to have gone there. My mother won't go near a computer, but my grand daughters text me from their mother's mobile. They like Windoze, and can't see why I use any form of Linux, nor why I would start trying to show them a little simple C syntax.
  13. Lol.. Id like to say computers & i have a decent working relationship..but we dont play well together.. really would like to understand linux though.. talk to everything then in reality hey?!
  14. Yes and no. I have some philosophical differences with Micro$oft, and with the Jobs boy and the monster he (and Woz) created. You couldn't drag me to iTunes with a Keith Black BigBlock. But the whole world and his flea bitten mutt are now being kewel on FacePalm and what kind of old drongo am I that I can't keep up with technology? Carnt is a big word, son. I prefer to think of it as taste. I could also ride a pink Vespa with 16 mirrors and 9 headlights, but I would prefer not to...
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  15. Wheres that like button.. rofl
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  16. Welcome from another newbie, slinky!

    I must profess I'm from the utter opposite camp to yourself - both times I brought my bike home I spent a significant amount of time riding figure-8's on an abandoned patch of road before I took them out into the real world!

    But who cares, 10km/h or 100km/h it's still as fun as heck, right?

    See you 'round the forums :D
  17. Hey thanks Soyajam, ur zactly rite, 10ks 100ks, its all a whole world of fun. Good to hear of the different experiences and learning styles/activities involved in the process. Look forward to reading more of your tales down the track. Cheers
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  18. Don't worry, I can cure you of that. ;-)
  19. Howdy Steve & Welcome to NR!