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Excited Learner :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Rickybobbi, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone, I have just found out about net rider thought I would give it go. I have always wanted to ride but never seriously did anything about it...

    now in my early 30`s and my wife has just got me a Sky team Sacin ST 250cc as a surprise so stoked got my R-E test booked this week so wish me luck folks!

    I live here in W.A so im not exactly sure what is involved on the day but I have 3 lessons so I feel the Honda cbf-125cc..? is a great bike to learn the basics on.

    Well rant complete see you out on the streets..

  2. Welcome to NR. I do not know of the Sacin 250. Good luck with the test.
  3. Welcome and good luck with the test.

    It is a SuperMotard style bike made by Jiangsu Sacin Motorcycle Co., Ltd one of the Chinese brands entering the market here.
  4. Hello and welcome! You have really cool wife :) Best of luck with your test!
  5. Welcome to NR. I'm sure you'll find this place really useful and meet a lot of good people.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome guys and gals! So right Fr33dm I am one lucky s.o.b thanks for the good luck wish :).

    Hey cjvfr yep its some kind of Motard Hybrid (Lawls Motard Adventure Time)..The tire on my one I think are just legal (110/100-18 m/c rear DOT k3d8 rear & 80/100-21 m/c 51 front DOT k3lu front) I love the ride height can see further ahead :)

    Thanks to you Donjuan I am so happy I have found this place.

    Cheers Eric yeah I don't know a great deal but I soon will, besides it feels great to ride.

    :0) being a noob apologies if this is the incorrect way to reply...

    Peace. (Oh yeah that's my bike....)
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