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Exchange policy on helmets?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by JP, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know what the exchange policy for helmets is? I picked up a Shoei XR1000 yesterday from bikebiz but now I'm not so sure I like the colour. Why didn't you decide what colour you liked before you bought it I hear you say? I have no idea lol, I was just excited that I was buying a helmet. The receipt says 7 days exchange but I'm not sure if this applied to helmets or not, and plus it was on sale.

  2. May not be exchanged as they don't know if you dropped it or it's been compromised in some other way, although there was a thread a week or two ago where a bloke exchanged a helmet that was too small. Really you can only go in and hope for the best, otherwise suck it up or sell it and get another :grin:
  3. The shop I bought mine from had a sign up in the helmet section saying absolutely no returns, and the guy helping me out made sure I had read it. Guess they are wary of people dropping them then trying to bring them back for a 'fresh' one. At the end of the day though, you can only try... worst they can do is say no.
  4. Yea thats what I thought mid77. I think ive decided that I like it again...and I cant be bothered driving up to Parramatta again :grin:
  5. Aside from the risk that the helmet may have hidden damage, there is also the "eeeewww" factor. Who wants to buy or put on a helmet that someone else's greasy smelly head has been in?
  6. +1 ^^
    99.9% of shops will not accept returns on helmets
  7. My head is not smelly! But yea that makes sense, I wouldn't want a helemt that someone else has worn. After looking at the helmet again for a while I'm happy with my purchase, so all is good and I made a big deal out of nothing! :roll:
  8. You suck so bad..

    Just H H H HARDEN THE F*CK UP and wear your helmet.

    stop being such a pussy!


    there is no way i'm driving up with you again so you can exchange ur helmet..
  9. SAY WHAT! As if you wouldn't come up to Parramatta with me again, if only for my music choice haha
  10. i'll tell you a secret.
    you wont see the colour of the helmet, when you are wearing it.
  11. it's not what he can see.. it's what everyone else can see.

    he's one VERY vain person..
  12. Well of course, it matters. Otherwise we'd all be riding around in identical gear.
  13. yeah true, i've never seen a rider with a same helet as me yet. shoei xr1000 revelatio
  14. :rofl: That rabbit stabs 172,800 times per day y'know.
  15. So what helmet did you get?
    I am still waiting for mine to come in... :(
    Hopefully another 2 weeks... :)