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Excellent Post-EICMA 2012 (Milan) Motorcycle Show Article

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Wayned, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. A good piece by an industry consultant about the show, other major bike shows, and what this year's turnout of manufacturers and new models (or lack of) tells of the state of motorcycling as it adapts to the changed global economic climate.

    There's a lot of interesting info about what's going on with particular bike makers and how it all fits in with changing markets.

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  2. I've been waiting for a decent synopsis of EICMA to come out.
    Thanks for the link Wayned.
  3. good read.
  4. Enjoyed reading that, thanks for posting.
  5. Honda is back, it was lost in the 00's but in the last year its come out with some bikes that get it back to its roots. CBR250, NC700 and CB500's now, these are bikes that will do well in developing markets where the growth is. Its this centuries Cubs, CTs and CBs.

    Not technically brilliant but then we hear that the v4 is coming anyway.

    The giant has awoken.
  6. Great read - cheers.
  7. Good read. The 390 duke looks like it could be a half decent commuter/excitement machine.
    Wonder if we will see it
  8. Pretty sure that we will get the 390 because of lams. If its cheap it will sell pretty well for a ktm. The only problem is tha the 200 is $6500 which is dear for a bike made in India so who knows what the 390 will be.
  9. Well I'll make a wild guess here and say it will be more than $6,500... which is about $6,500 too much for anything mechanical that was made in India, as far as I am concerned. More to the point, it is also a few hundred more than Honda CRF250L and I know I'd have a lot more confidence in that one...it probably isn't all that far off in ability either.