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Excellent list of tips for new riders.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by fekkinell, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Not from me... I blatantly lifted it from www.reddit.com/r/motorcycles because I thought it was too good not to share.

    * You are invisible, so ride in a manner that protects you and leaves you an out when someone does something stupid. Because someone will always do something stupid, usually right at you.

    * Riding a motorcycle can be thrilling, scary, exhilarating, dangerous, and downright addictive. It's something that will probably stay with you for as long as you live.

    * You can get your license with a minimum of training or experience, then walk into any dealership, plunk down some money, and ride out on a 190+ HP Superbike. Don't. It will most likely end very badly for you.

    * Start with a smaller bike to learn on. You can pick up "starter" bikes all day long for a few grand, ride them for 6 months or two years or until whenever you feel comfortable and ready to move up, then sell the starter bike to another new rider for pretty much what you paid for it.

    * Some folks with tell you that you're not "cool" or not a "real rider" unless you ride a Harley/crotch rocket/Ducati/dual sport/etc. Ignore them, they're idiots.

    * There are an amazing number of different bikes with different purposes and advantages. Look around and find something that suits you and fits you well, then ride it away. If later you find that the bike no longer suits you, or you want to try something different, then sell it and get another. The only limit is your wallet.

    * Did I mention that most cage drivers are clueless, and you're invisible?

    * Riders look out for each other. You're part of a community that sees the world a bit differently, and isn't afraid to take calculated risks to garner great rewards.

    * To mitigate those risks, get professional training, and wear good gear on every ride. The gear is to help protect you in case of a crash, and the training is to help you avoid the crash in the first place . . .

    * When riding, you're out there in the environment, instead of looking at it through rolled-up windows like a TV. You can smell freshly cut hay, you can feel the temperature change as you drop off a mountain and into a valley, and you are at one with the road, the scenery, and your machine.

    * Don't get discouraged. It takes time to be at one with the bike. Keep learning, and keep practicing. Then one day, it'll just happen. And then, it will happen easier and easier on each subsequent ride.

    * Riding with buddies and sharing your road experiences can be awesome. But they have to be guys that you trust implicitly. And always ride at your own pace, that you're comfortable with based on your own skill level. Letting another rider egg you on well past your comfort level will probably end very badly for you . . .

    * Keep yourself hydrated. That rushing wind is awesome, but it will dry you out, causing fatigue which leads to miscalculations and impaired judgement. Water is the best here, or maybe Gatorade or similar. Caffeinated sodas or those shitty "energy" drinks can actually make things worse.

    * Keep your mind in the game. Riding should take your full concentration. There's simply a lot going on, and things can change rapidly.

    * And remember to have fun.


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