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Excellent for wasting time and good laughs!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, May 26, 2010.

  1. http://notalwaysright.com/page/2

    (especially check out "Early Bird-Brained")

    Early Bird-Brained
    Supermarket | New Zealand
    (I am at work doing a before-opening clean of the trolley handles and checkout counters.)

    Customer: “Excuse me, I’d like to buy these now please.”

    Me: “Um, ma’am, I’m not a checkout operator.”

    Customer: “Yes, but I’m here now and I’m running late, so can you just run these through the scanner for me?”

    Me: “Ma’am, it’s five thirty. There are no checkout operators as we don’t open for another hour and a half.”

    Customer: “Oh, I was wondering why there wasn’t anyone in the Deli, but that’s okay because I went back behind the counter and got the ham out the freezer.”

    Me: “Ma’am, you’re not allowed to do that. How did you get in? The doors are locked until the security guard gets here.”

    Customer: “Oh, I broke the window because I thought your door wasn’t working. Can you run these through for me now?”
  2. That site's great lc!

    Here's my fav:

    Give that person a Darwin award, lol
  3. yes, an excellent find. many hours wasted there
  4. haha it never ceases to amaze me the level of stupidity in joe or joanne average.... never fails to make me laugh either.....
  5. Heh, I love reading this kind of thing. There was another site the name of which eludes me for the moment, it was a freelance web developer just posting stupid shit that his clients said.

    The best one that I ever saw was when someone demanded that he "optimize the fireball" in order to get more hits on his site.
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  8. Ah I laughed so hard at that one! My work phone called a few seconds later so I had to sober up... forgot about it! lol :rofl:
  9. Oh, and I must say, I didn't find this site. I take no credit :( (well, except for putting on the forums of course... and then stealing the credit!) :D
  10. this site is golden
    thanks lowercase
  11. Thank you lowercase, I have been searching for some of these websites to read, but most of them have been blocked and this one is working :D...awesome enterainment when nothing much is happening at work haha.
  12. Here's my fav haha:

    The Unfantastic Mr. Fox
    Movie Theater | United Kingdom
    (A man comes up to me with a huge bag.)

    Customer: “Can I ask an odd question?”

    Me: “Go for it.”

    Customer: “Would it be okay for me to put my fox costume on and stand in the foyer?”

    Me: “Why?”

    Customer: “Just for pleasure. I enjoy doing it and the customers would enjoy seeing it.”

    Me: “I’ll just check with my manager.”

    (I phone the manager and repeat the request. The manager laughs for a few minutes and says no.)

    Me: “I’m afraid my manager has said it’s not okay.”

    Customer: *looks down sadly* “It’s okay. They said no everywhere else I asked too.” *walks away sadly, dragging the bag with his fox costume in*
  13. Hey I'm not so stupid! after all
  14. HAHAHAHA! The poor guy! How weird though...

    And so lonesome :(
  15. i felt sorry for him too...

    there are times when you should show some iniative at work, instead of asking your manager for permission.
    ..this was clearly one of those times.

    i would love to have the un-fantastic Mr Fox where i work
  16. Yeah I just kinda hope she then ran after him and told him he could... I mean... the loneliness! :( It's like a kid asking for a dollar to buy her parents a present, and you saying "nah sorry kiddo" and then the kid walking off saying "it's okay... i guess i can just get them something next year..." *sobs*