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NSW Exceeding L/P speed restrictions - Are they enforced?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jayzee, May 28, 2016.

  1. Has anyone heard of someone getting fined for exceeding the 90-100km/h speed limit - where the limit is 100-110?
    Just curious as to whether they are enforced or not.

  2. A speed limit is, by definition, a speed LIMIT. If you exceed the limit, you may be penalised for doing so. It might not happen to you, or a friend, today, or tomorrow, but if a policeman wants to book you for being over the limit, he will do so.

    There is, contrary to popular opinion, no 'leeway' when it comes to exceeding the speed limit; you can be booked for 1 kph over if the officer chooses to do so.
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  3. Nope. The whole L and P plate system and accompanying speed restrictions are more of a guideline as opposed to an ENFORCED RULE. Think of it as an initiation to getting your unrestricted license before they REALLY begin to enfore speed restrictions :D :D :D

    Disclaimer: The above post is full of sarcasm in the event you don't pick up on it ;)
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  4. think of it as encouragement to take the non-straight roads.
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  5. I should add that the chances of getting booked for being over the legal limit is in direct proportion to many factors, including, but not only
    1. Loud illegal exhaust, drawing attention to your speed
    2. Travelling obviously quicker than the surrounding traffic, drawing attention to your self
    3. Drawing attention to yourself.....
    you getting a picture here?
    There's one other factor, and that is whether or not the road on which you are travelling is being patrolled by a real police-person, or monitored by a dumb camera.
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  6. I know of two riders who incurred three month suspensions in 2015 while on a Provisional rider licence.

    One of them was exceeding the posted road limit of 110 km/h (and thus would have been subject to a fine regardless but due to the fact that they held a Provisional rider licence incurred the mandatory 90-day suspension) and was caught by a NSW RMS mobile speed camera van.

    The other was between 90 and 100 km/h (on a 100 km/h limit highway) and was caught by a highway patrol vehicle during a weekend blitz.

    While on my Learner and Provisional rider licences I had unmarked highway patrol cars follow me closely on two occasions for an extended (about five kilometres) stretch of highway between work and home.

    As hornethornet mentioned, drawing attention to yourself increases the chances of being pinged. The week prior to being tailed by the highway patrol vehicle while on my Learner licence I had replaced an obnoxiously-loud Two Bros. slip-on with a factory exhaust. I'm sure I would have been pulled over and received a defect notice for the after market exhaust had it still been fitted.
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  7. I should have asked one of the 8 Hwy patrol cars I saw between Berowra, The Pie in the Sky and the Hornsby exit of the expressway today. On second thoughts its a waste of time. If you get seen doing the crime there is a good chance you will be stopped. Try and find a place without 8 cruising Hwy Patrol cars.
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  8. I got pinged doing 100 while on my Ps back when the limit was 80 (yeah, I'm old). I then had to fast talk my way out of another fine for riding an over sized bike (250cc limit back then and my GPX250 LOOKED to them like it was a 1000). I was dumb enough to draw attention to myself.
  9. I never put a P plate on my bike. I used to ride with mates a lot and if a group of us were all doing say 120 odd on the freeway I doubt a cop would care. But if he saw a P plate in the pack I figured I would be done. Never got pulled over somehow. I'm amazed seeing I was riding a cbr600 with cbr250 decals on it.....