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Exams all finished!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Conny!, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Finished last exam today. Only one more year of degree to go.
    Sold car earlier this week. Now have time for bike shopping.

    What to get? Hmmmmm.

    First beer. 8)
  2. Finished my last exam last monday. Road trip next monday!
  3. Congrats Conny. Beer first, second and third etc... worry about the rest after the hangover :D

    And congrats again Eswen. Are you going to live up to your full Geeky potential by looking for a Helpdesk job?
  4. It's great when the exams are over and done with. It'll be even better in a years time when they're finished for good...for your current course anyway.

    Where's your road trip to eswen? Anywhere good?
  5. screw you :LOL:

    Ill just bum around and go to tafe or something next year hehe
  6. Cheers guys.

    I've got an action packed arvo with mates. Consisting of beck and heinekens and xbox.

    Game of choice. Rallisport 2. Lets see how our driving deterioates, then get on to Burnout Takedown.

    I am looking forward to a years time. But being an engineer you never get a break from continous learning.
  7. She's in coming to sunny sydney/wollongong. I'm expecting her to turn up wearing a mini skirt as discussed in another thread :LOL:
  8. rofl ok, donations had better be ready. :LOL:
  9. Photo's please. :D :D :D
  10. how much do you pledge ;)
  11. Depends on the length of yours legs. The longer they are, the more may be pledged. :D
  12. humm... i need to elect someone to hold the monies for me to collect once the deed is done... one vic voulenteer one NSW, anyone?
  13. As long as it's in that order... :LOL:
  14. :LOL:
    I thought you were sick :p

    Ill have to let others enlighten you on that one.
  15. I think i like the sound of this one better.... Did you know?...Sex is biochemically no different from eating large quantities of chocolate.
  16. LOL i knew you'd spot that one! I question that though, I don't smoke after chocolate :LOL:

    Getting back on track... How that beer coming along Conny??
  17. oh its quite alright thanks for asking... :?
  18. My thread has been hi jacked!!!!

    I'm going to open a can of w....

    No, i'm just hungry. Who will drive me to KFC?
  19. hijacked?? whaaaat? nah.
    You were originally talkign about stockin... i mean, skirts right?