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Example of the myopism in medicine

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Just a good article that shows the medical fraternity are driven by the drug companies. The question raised is who benefits.
    I doubt that the numbers of these cases has not manifested itself in such a short time span.

    There is a very big problem with doctors being part of this mindless push by big phara propaganda. When one actually cares to read the medical background, testing, findings and who benefits from some of these drugs, the answer is usually not the patient.


    Taxpayers hit for $10m for ADHD drugs

    I also have been given some damning documents about the potential long terms affects of Gardasil. Will share this shortly.
  2. Yay for ADHD. The most over diagnosed condition in recent times.

    I heard a scary figure of 270,000 cases were diagnosed last year (Or maybe 2006) :shock:
  3. As a teacher it seems the majority of "adhd" children come from single parent homes where the mother seems not to have control over her son.
    I'm not denigrating single parents in any way because they have it very very tough.
    In 19 years of teaching I reckon there would only have been 3 cases where imho medication has helped.
    The rest are definitely kids who don't get the appropriate discipline or role modelling required.
    Yes it is way overprescribed and just an excuse for parenting that needs assistance in other ways apart from medication.
  4. I also feel childrens behaviour stems from the majority of children spending vast amounts of time in childcare. There was an article in the paper yesterday about a study conducted in Britain.
  5. Could it also be that kids are eating more processed foods than we used to?
  6. Could be, have read/seen some things about certain preservatives that can have pretty nasty side effects on some kiddies.

    Also could be that parents nowadays are just more stressed out/highly strung and cannot cope with childrens behaviour as well - could be because parents now are older than ever and are "grumpier"

    Who knows :)
  7. We have all been eating processed foods, in fact some of the additives in foods 30 years ago are worse than what's been put in there now.
    The whole processed food story is a crock.
    People still believe that chickens are pumped with growth hormones, in particular oestrogen which has not been the case for forty years.
    Think about the foods you have been eating all your life.
  8. A little off topic: We may not use oestrogen in poultry farming, but we still use it regularly in beef, and sometimes in pork:


    That is a WA Govt document from 2004, and it outlines the hormones used LEGALLY in bovine growth promotants. I've done a lot of research after developing two pretty severe autoimmune diseases, and there are many respected doctors who have found potential links between certain types of food processing/farming practices and autoimmune diseases.

    Could this also have an effect on the behaviour of children? I have no idea, I hate kids and don't have any so I've never looked into it :p
  9. You're right Smee - it just makes for an excuse.

    I've just had another week in hospital at the Royal Melbourne. I cracked the sh1ts about the quality of the food (especially the revoltingly overcooked sludge that they call vegetables) and was told by a representative of the catering people:
    "They can't get the quality vegetables - all these modern vegetables have hormones injected!" Talk about a total and complete crock of an excuse...
    The dietician totally agreed with me about the quality - as she said, if someone is aleady feeling a bit queasy after chemotheraphy, the smell of the food alone will set them off...