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Exactly how sad do you need to be to find this funny

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stigger, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. I laughed but I'm not sure whether to be proud or sad...


  2. I liked the LotR one, tis funny. :p
  3. XKCD>All.

    I loved that one.
  4. Having not seen primer, I didnt really get it. I'm quite impressed about the effort gone to for the LotR one. Sadly they went by the movie instead of the book.
  5. Oooh! xkcd... big fan here. It can be uneven, but it really hits the spot now and then.

    Sometimes I think of this guy as a version of Leunig - he kind of has the same sense of depth and wonder and humanity, though expressed in completely different language, using a different set of references.

    And sometimes he's just really funny.

    This is perhaps my favourite:


    ... and some more:

    http://xkcd.com/374/ followed by http://xkcd.com/377/
  6. I'm more for the nerd humour, but sometimes it really is quite insightful. This recent one is right up there.

  7. xkcd is genius. Sometimes I cant help loving the feeling that only a relatively small group of people will get them, as in out of my friends, just me. Electronic and computer engineer and definitely a nerd.