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Ex racers and golf

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bazza, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Why do you think so many ex racers, both 2 and 4 wheels, play golf in their retirement from racing? While people who don't play it refer to the game as "boring" the very people who might be referred to as "adrenalin junkies" seem to love it. As a golfer myself I think it's the hardest sport I've ever played.

  2. I know that golf increases my blood pressure a lot more than riding does 8-[
  3. I played golf once. November 1972. Don't suppose it's changed much since then.
  4. My friends play golf, I went once...

    A beer per hole is a bit much for me, I wasn't very good at golf even sober.
  5. You have it all wrong.......it's a day on the green ! lol
    I use to play a lot. I like it...not the golf, but the walk, sledging and joints.
    Like anything it takes a while to play well. Least a couple of years of dedication.
    It's all about self control. Hitting it well, not hard gets distance. Same as going fast on a bike, going as fast as you can rarely brings the best lap.
    I'm still a member but cant play with my back out. Tried and they had to cart me off, haha My back went and I hit the deck, couldn't get up.
    Bikes are my living and surfing my lifestyle. Golf and tennis are my sports...or were when I could play.
  6. 'nuf said

  7. I'd expect them to go for fishing more than golf.

    Why do I think they do it?

    Hmm. I'll go out on a limb here, but quite often I think that often adrenalin hunting and addiction stems from some form of low stress threshold or anxiety disorder. It really is quite a standard avoidance mechanism. Fishing/golf (I'd put surfing in there too as I'd expect that to be a fairly common way to pass retirement for ex-racers/junkies) is probably the pinnacle of low-stress recreational activities.