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ex-mrs dropped my bike today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aldrich_87, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Pulled up to the garage in her car... I insisted she move the bike out of the way, so I could pull the car in. She's sat and rode on it before so I had every confidence in her.

    Next thing, i hear a little scream and a loud snap. I rush out to find her underneath my ZX2R. I couldn't care less about the bike at the time... after using my superhuman strength to lift the 10000000 tonne bike off her and made sure she was ok, I had then realised what had just happened.

    Fairing and body received minor scratches... nothing to cry about.
    But when I went to start the bike, backfire.
    My heart sinks.

    I feel my bike has lost its trust on me to look after it and refuses to start.

    I try again. And again. And again.

    I refused to give up, I ran along side her and hoped a clutch start would win her back. Rejection.

    I send my ex-mrs inside the house with but a glimmer of hope. I begin to talk to the hurt soul, I begin to plead for her to start... I begged.

    I worked on her for the next hour or so making sure everything inside was okay.

    As i hear the battery starting to die out. "One last time" Say I.

    Choke. Throttle. Ignition...

    Backfire, Backfire, Backfire... Engine, Backfire, Engine...

    "Come on **** YA!"

    Engine begins to rev just under the 2 mark at full throttle. I feared letting go of the throttle. I stuck with her 15 maybe 20 seconds..

    And then the most beautiful sound that I never thought I would never hear again. THE MIGHTY ROAR OF THE 250CC ZX2R AMPLIFIED BUT THE EMPTINESS OF THE GARAGE.

    ****ing Yay. She trusts me again.

    The overwhelming guilt of my Ex-Mrs should make for a great christmas present. And I feel somewhat a little more experienced from the experience.
  2. Call Dr Phil :LOL:.
  3. At least she broke the bike's fall to minimize the damage.
  4. Yeah... If only she wasn't so skinny.
  5. Was she described as "ex-mrs" before or after dropping the bike?

  6. was she your ex before she dropped your bike? or just after ;)
    Ive dropped a couple, usually pays to wait 15mins for everything to settle before trying to start them Ive found (seem to start ok after a bit of a settle, or maybe somthing resets)
    some bikes have tip sensors also which may involve things like turning ignition on off on off without starting to reset stuff ive heard
    Edit:not quick enuf lols
  7. Before. Maybe that was the problem.
  8. Also oil can get into the combustion chamber and possibly coat the spark plugs preventing fire and the fuel unsettles from the carbs and a few other things...

    the fiddling around can get annoying, but glad to hear you got it going again.
    One time I couldnt get mine to start and spent literally a whole weekend trying to figure out why, it had air, fuel and spark.. so I was quite stumped

    Then when someone suggested spraying startya****wit into the intake, I noticed the gas was being blown out, not sucked in
    Cam timing jumped a tooth during a push start attempt

    So waited a week, towed up to dad's place on a trailer, spent the next 4-5 days with him and his father and myself (3 generations of trained yet somehow idiotic mechanics :LOL:) and we tore it apart and fixed it all

    Also the last time I dropped it, I just flicked the killswitch back on, choke and cranked it about 5 times each 5 seconds long.. and was away, nursing the sore knee and bleeding knuckles and severely bent steering all the way back to tafe
    Oh good times..

    At least you know she isn't going near your bike again
  9. make-up sex, stat!
  10. FARK YEAH!!!!!!!!!

    NOW GO RING HER NECK:demon::demon:(y)
  11. take her to court for damages :)
  12. Sounds like a plan.
  13. dont forget to mention compensation for the emotial trauma and ensuring flashbacks/ nightmares ;)
  14. Carby bike falls over = flooded, full throttle whilst holding starter.
  15. ^^^^^ wot 'e said!

    My first bike, a gorgeous little cherry red 350/4, was accidentally run off my front lawn and into the front steps when I tried to show the Mrs just how easy it was to ride a bike. However, I managed to gain multitudinous brownie points by rushing over, picking up the bike and asking, "Are you OK?"

    She swears to this day that she fully expected me to ask about the condition of the bike first!!

  16. does she know you were asking the bike and not her? :LOL:
  17. I crashed my bike kinda badly with amate riding behind, i swear he managed to stop and was already running for my bike whilst I had just finished spinning off down the road a bit. He was already trying to pick the bike up by the time I got my feet a bit down the road, his instinct was to protect the bike (even tho it wasnt his) and I woulda been upset to be honest if he ran for me first lols....no go check the baby! lol