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Ex-Demo's; Yay or Nay?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by AdamR33, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. No way, it would be like marrying an ex escort

  2. Yes, there is nothing wrong with an ex demo

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  3. Yes, but only if it came with good discounts (10-15% under retail)

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  4. Yes, but only if it came with significant discounts (15-20% under retail)

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  1. Hi all,

    I have been starting my search for my first off restrictions bike, just trying to get an idea of prices, whats availible etc.

    Anyway I have always been of the possibly misguided opinion that an ex demo bike isnt an option as they have probably be thrashed and mistreated straight out of the box. I imagine there are probably others who share this opinion as well.

    My question is, are we being too precious about our bikes or is the run in period very important and therefore worth paying the extra for a brand newy?

    I know there is a lot of conflicting opinion on running in an engine which i guess adds to the issue.

    Also if you were going to buy one, how much of a discount would you expect off the retail including on roads?

  2. I think it would come down to the price difference. If a brand new bike was just $1000 more I would go with the brand new one. Not only because of uncertainty regarding the state of the bike but also just to have a brand new one and run it in yourself, which in itself is exciting.

    Demo bikes from dealers are generally overpriced anyhow. You might as well buy privately.
  3. It depends a lot upon the bike too. Some will be completely reliable no matter what has been thrown at them, so demo or not, it doesn't matter.
  4. +1

    If you're going to get a used bike, might as well get one from someone who's willing to pay for the depreciation. Some demo's can see a fair bit of use, no matter what the dealer tells you.
  5. i'd buy a demo if i knew where it had been lol
    i.e there is a Hornet 600 demo at Bills Motorcycles right now.

    I know the staff member who's been running it in - he's been taking it up through the adelaide hills every night after work. they also took it to a track day recently to get some KM's in.

    they're clocking 500 kms up on it themselves BEFORE they let anyone take it for a test ride.

    so i'd feel confident buying that, cause I know where it's been!
  6. Another thing to consider is what type of bike and how powerful is the bike.

    It's pretty much impossible for any normal rider to *thrash* something like a Hayabusa so I'd be fairly confident that the motor wasn't thrashed.

    OTOH something like a DR650SE trailbike (which being air-cooled requires careful running in) and could be easily red-lined hard (do to lower power) would worry me.
  7. Short of crash it, there isn't THAT much harm that anyone is likely to do to it. Most motors nowadays will happily take being caned after the first couple of hundred ks.
    As long as there is no obvious faults or damage, it runs properly and they can give you some kind of evidence of servicing being done, go for it. I have.
    Should still have warranty on it, though.
  8. Most modern design liquid cooled motors...

    There are still air-cooled cruisers and tourers and trail bikes that have larger tolerances than their liquid cooled counterparts and hence require more careful running in.
  9. Bought a demo car - saved nearly 20%

    Still yet to hear of any demo bike or car being a dud purchase

    There's some wank value to having "brand new" - so would say if you can find the model you want as a demo, go for it, and enjoy the savings :cool:
  10. I'd want a BIG discount off Tash's Adelaide Hornet 600 given the way it's being ridden

    On the other hand, how long and how hard a demo ride are you allowed to have on a dealer demo bike these days? I'd reckon some of them would hardly be up to temperature before the sales-man would be tut-tutting about bringing them back to the shop......
  11. I bought a 06 Mazda Tribute with 12k on the clock. It was 3 months old, so it saw a few kays since being delivered.

    But, new price at the time was mid to high 30s. I got it for 26k. And as it is on a novated lease I've also saved heaps on FBT that I'd otherwise be paying if it was new.

    With bikes expect similar savings (aside from FBT that is). It's really up to the buyer though, to negotiate the deal. They say times are becoming tough for the motor industry. Maybe you can score some good deals on demonstrators. Or even new bikes if you have the readies.
  12. watch out

    under 2-3 months old maybe. WATCH out for bikes used as service loaner bikes and bikes older than 3 months old. Now believe this - some dealers still wind odometers backwards.......
  13. Any shops I've worked in are pretty careful with their demos. Staff run them in, albeit enthusiastically but not abusing the engines, and will often accompany a tester they aren't sure of. Most people, once they've signed the fat insurance liability clause in the test ride form, bring 'em back as good as new.

    And when you think about it, a demo gets heaps of complete heat cycles as part of its running in period, instead of long open road runs to get the odometer turning over that many new owners give a new bike to get past the first 1000km.

    I'm pretty sure my CB1300 was a demo and its engine is in perfect condition; no oil consumption and no shim changes at the 24,000km service.
  14. been on plenty of demos with less than 2000 on the clock some with a lot less that 1000, and bikes got hammered without mercy by all and sundry, rev limiter all gears, burnouts demos are a free for all, if you buy one you have to be prepaired for the first option in your poll.

    National fleet bikes are the worst, local dealer demos are a case by case basis, it's a gamble that you have to be willing to take.

    That said do bikes really need to be run in with the kid gloves on?
  15. Yep, bought an ex-demo (my second two-fiddy) and had no problems. I'd do it again with another bike.
  16. can I ask why?
    my mate's been riding it throught he hills after work to get the KM's up - he hasn't been reving it to the red line through the hills. I went with him once, he was taking it very slow.

    even on the track day, it was being ridden VERY conservatively - the purpose of taking it was to get it up to 500kms so they could do an oil change, not to hang with knees off the side at 13,000rpm's.

    just cause someone has taken a bike through the hills doesn't mean it's been thrashed.