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Ex-cop Bikes and High Km

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. So, there was a chance I'd be moving to Sydney and the suburbs, but signs point to 'probably not'. As such, I'll be staying at Griffith Uni, which means doing lots of freeway km between the Gold Coast and Mt Gravatt campuses.

    Still in love with my Bandit, but it's a 1999, only a bikini fairing, and has done 125,000 km. It's got a lot more in it, but I'd be more comfortable on the freeway on a supertourer.

    There are quite a few ex-cop bikes on Bikesales for reasonable money: Yamaha FJR1300As, Honda ST1300s, BMW R1150RTs and R1200RTs and so on. Not at all attracted to the Harley cop bikes... and they're silly money anyway.

    Most of them have a lot of kays on them, though: unsurprising for retired cop bikes. But they're also meant to do lots of kays, are mostly shaft drive and will have been well maintained by police (or subcontractor) bike mechanics.

    Obviously the more money the less distance and vice versa.

    Just interested in comments, experiences, perspectives.
  2. I guess there are always Blackbirds and Busas, but they're more a sporting or sports-touring crouch. I'm thinking magisterial upright stance. ;)
  3. Youd have to think they would be well maintained and have a full service history. I dont know how they stack up value wise.
  4. With ex cop bikes you need to worry about the fact that they chop into the wiring harness to attach all their goodies and when they remove them they do hack them up a heap. I spoke to the local Yammie dealership and if he was to be believed a friend of his did buy one it took him a matter of weeks to sort the wiring out. Plus they are modified as single seaters and to change them back is a major and expensive project. Do an online search you'll find a bit of info it put me off buying one.
  5. Few nice 1400GTRs floating around too.
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  6. The FJR1300APs leave the factory as a police bike, with a police harness, lights and sirens all installed, so they do not
    hack into the harness to fit all their stuff. The radio plugs into connectors already supplied in the rear box.
    When they remove the lights, sirens etc, its all just unplugged from the full harness.
    They do leave behind most of the wiring, which can be convenient, but remove
    the second battery from under the seat.

    I have a 2008 FJR1300AP, mine still has less than 20k km on it, but have a friend that has
    had an ex-NSW one for quite a few years that is over 100k km now and its only just routine
    maintenance stuff that needs doing. They are pretty cheap to run, around 5.5l/00km typically,
    and great highway bikes and not too shabby if the roads are a bit more interesting. From I think
    the 2013 model onwards they have cruise control and stability control too, mine just has ABS.

    Can't speak for the Hondas or BMWs with regard to above, but at least in QLD they are pretty
    well looked after.
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  7. See you just can't trust car or motorcycle sales people. Of course I am joking before the wrath drops on me.
  8. I've been accquainted with a few ex-plod bikes in the UK. I doubt if the Aussie cops do anything worse to their bikes so I'd have no qualms whatsoever about buying one. I remain of the opinion that an ex-cop Beemer is the cheapest and easiest litrebike you can own.
  9. Yeah can be more trouble than they're worth if you want to have a pillion seat. It's not only the seat but the side panniers are often mounted way forward where a passengers legs would be. Can be retro-modded back to stock but probably more expense than just buying a non-cop bike
  10. I've never met a person unhappy with an ex-police bike they've bought. I know several. Good price, Kays are often a little big, but they are never OLD, have been maintained to the highest standard and will not have been pranged. You should not ever encounter a fixed up, repairable write-off. Some people even like the storage space they provide, get the occasional chuckle out of glances in traffic, if not actually enjoy a little additional courtesy on the road. What's left of the wiring makes it easier to add accessories. One or two said that there were sockets with fuse blocks and fuses still in place. Nothing to do. Too easy, for those with a mind to set up a tourer. That might be a bit variable.

    Government auctions can be good places to buy. Make sure you look at the vehicle before bidding

    My impression is that they make good buying, if that's the sort of bike you want.
  11. Thanks, all. There seem to be quite a few that have been set up for pillioning. In the case of the BMWs apparently they go back to factory seat fairly easily. Having said that the Mrs rides and it's a lot cheaper to register a single-seater in QLD, so that might actually be a plus.