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ewww, I mean erkkk!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. heaven knows where this story will go but a woman has been charged with murder after a baby died in her house, and a dead woman was found buried under the house. The baby is not hers, err, ummm, erk, .....

    oh, read it your self


  2. and let me guess...the women who was charged with the murder of the new mother can't have babies of her own right??

    Very sad story and not unlike a number of other "like" reports of baby snatching...literally!! :(

    One woman was charged recently with removing the live baby from her dead mother (whom she had killed!)...just horrible!!
  3. I'll pass this on to the Chaser team. They could do a great skit with this.. :shock:
  4. . . . . please tell me before I click it that it isn't the leaked photos of David Carridine's autopsy ! :shock:
  5. Micky, we don't need to know about this. It will taint our innate purity.
  6. Talking of that where did the thread go...
  7. The mod of the forum lost patience with the insults and sniping that was going on and pulled it ............
  8. Paul ! You sure are The Pun King !
  9. She should go work for DOCS, sounds like she would fit in just dandy >_>
  10. ..always thought these mods were wankers

  11. How odd !! Seeing it was one of the mods that was calling someone a "clown".
  12. Nothing odd about that. That particular Mod almost lost a baby recently.
  13. And the Mod that pulled it just happened to be staying at A Ronald McDonald house when the episode aired, and had to watch the the anguish those kids went though after the 'skit' and what their parents and carers went through the next few days :evil:

    I didn't comment in that thread for reasons of my own, but when it degenerated into nothing but personal attacks, which several participants should of received warnings for the breach of T/C's. I pulled it rather than let it continue.

    That thread is gone, get over it, move on and if this thread continues OT I'll get rid of this one too .
  14. Yay Bob