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Ewan and Charlie to do Long Way Down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robbieb, May 22, 2007.

  1. Just found out that Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, spurred on by their Long Way Round trip, are doing it again, only going from the Northern tip of Scotland, to the Southern tip of Africa. Weak as piss. They should go from North Pole to South Pole. Only kidding.
    My sister bought me the Long Way Round DVD and I enjoyed it heaps. Can't say the same for Race to Dakar, that gave me the sh!ts.
    Anyway, I reckon this one will be worth watching


  2. i just hope they take their time through Scotland....actually show something of the place.

    Long way round was good but once they actually got on the bikes England to Kazakstan was in 1 or 2 episodes if i recall....though about 8 countries.

    Still shall be another must see i'd think....good to see they've stuck with the Bimmers.....i hope theve learned from the 1st trip on what to change and mod before thet leave
  3. This looks fantastic robbie...ta. :) Scotland to Sth Africa - sounds great!

    I've got the dvd and book of the previous trip - yet to watch/read either.
  4. Good on em' for getting back out there and doing another big trip. Its a pleasure to watch others enjoying thier riding and through different countries and across some challenging terrain to boot.
  5. Got a good mate of mine about to embark on the same sort of trip. He's heading from Berlin down the west coast of Africa and then on to Cape Town! Not sure what he's riding yet.

    Shoule be a pretty amazing journey too!
  6. Excellent !!
    Cant wait to see this.
    I really enjoyed the Long Way Round so will be great to see them going for it again.

    Wonder if theyd be interested in doing a Long Way Down Under ???? :)
  7. Nah from memory the first couple of episode's were the trip preparation - the european section was the majority of the series - the usa trip was short and blunt at the end...

    Looing forward to it though - loved the last series :grin:
  8. Just checked out the bbc link from the website - apparently they left last week - and are in Italy now... will watch with interest..
  9. Bunch of pooftahs...why in my day we'd have done it on Francis Barnett 125cc 2-strokes with solid wooden saddles and no springs, we'd have lived off the land eating camel dung and drinking our own urine, weaving our own throttle cables from the intestines of small mammals, bribing our way across borders by being all soft and cuddly for big hairy goat herders with AK47's, why I once had to remove my own appendix with a blunt teaspoon and then ride 1,000 miles before a breakfast of bat-guano porridge. I don't know what the world is coming to when pretty-boy girlie fairies like these pimply no-prostate ballet dancers get all the attention.......
  10. not what i was meaning.

    episodes 1-3 was preparation, then they left andonly took 1 episode to get from London to Far Eastern Europe. From then onwards it slows down.

    Would have been nice to see a bit more of the Western Earopean Scandanavian countries on the way to the "fun" bits
  11. Oh gotcha - from what I can gather I think they thought the most interest wouldnt be where they were riding along sealed roads, e.g the more not normal riding - the more interesting for viewers etc

    I get what you're saying though - the countryside is beautiful there and would have been good opportunity for people who havent been to europe get an idea of what some of the countries are like...but dont think that was the focus of their trip :grin:
  12. would have been nice though.

    couldn't help laughing at them though when the guy pulls out a guitar and and machine gun as after dinner entertainment :shock: :LOL: Ewan was crapping himself.

    Don't blame him either :?
  13. :LOL: Yeah - loads of funny bits in the series - cant wait to see this one when its done :grin:
  14. Yeah, that bit was funny !
    Also, when they stayed in the big "mafia owned" hotel when they were the only guests. Kept waking up thinking they were going to get killed..... :)
  15. Let's do it!!!!

    How awesome to do something like that. I guess you have to be as rich as Ewan McGregor.

    Still, I guess we could start by going around Australia! I reckon the SRX250 would make it. :LOL:
  16. Wonder if they'll have just as much trouble with the BMWs staying upright... I would've thought they'd gone with something a little lighter this time round :LOL:
  17. see this is why old people should be banned from the interweb. :p :p
  18. long way down

    wonder if KTM offered them bikes this time eh????
  19. Re: long way down

    Bet they didn't even bother asking them after the last effort!

    Also bet that KTM are bitng themselves in the butt since the last series!!! :LOL:
  20. I'd just like to say that it was watching that series that made me wanna be more serious about riding! I was sitting there thinking sh*t I only wanna ride down the coast of one country...I can do it if they did what they did! And finally it was watching a doco on an aviatrix who flew around the world 1995(Aussie chick...she was 45 at the time) That was when I got the maps out and planned 'the' trip. Hey I bought my Draggins last week...so the dream is getting closer! Just thought I'd share that with you all! :p