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Ewan and Charlie didn't have to face THIS road!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gromit, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. Some pics of a Russian "highway" that makes the Road of Bones look like the Monash!

  2. The people driving standard cars down that road in those conditions are obviously a hardy lot, or very stupid.

    I thought it might be a dirt (err, mud) road because it is normally permafrost, but that can't be so with those trees growing each side of the road. Aint the Russian economy great. :roll:
  3. Takes me make to my youth and dreams of my dirt bike days....sigh.
  4. Thanks Gromit - great link

    That is insane, I'll try to think of those photos next time I'm stuck in traffic :p
  5. :eek: wow... thats farked.
  6. Nyahhhh!
    after the road to Talbotville for the Dargo High Plains Rally that'd be a piece of piss. It doesn't even have any cliffs on the sides to slide off!
  7. While I realise it may be a main road, surely, if they're going to react in a way that they bash the people that try to help them and they KNOW that this is how the road gets, you would find ANOTHER WAY. :shock:
  8. stoopid Russians.