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EVS RC-Evolution Race Collar Neck Brace

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by matti-san, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. http://shop.thumpertalk.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=APP_EVS_RCEVO

    I have often looked at a leatt neck brace but was always put off by the price. Now that I am getting pretty close to getting my new dirt bike [KLX450 :cool: ] I have been having a look at these. Does anyone with more knowledge than me care to comment on this slightly cheaper option?? :?

  2. I'm pretty sure they've been successfully sued (and shut down) by Leatt, so you might have trouble getting spare parts for it if you break it down the track. It could be another brand I'm thinking of however, so give it a google.

    My Leatt should be turning up today. A mate brought it over from the States for $400AU. You can also order in out of RSA, rather than pay the $700 they want here.

    Seems cheap to me though. 2 guys I used to ride with have broken their necks in the last 12 months.
  3. Ok, so the FRO is a different one again?
  4. Thanks guys, $400AU seems pretty good must see if I can get a mate to buy me one in the USofA.

    Do you guys wear them and if so how are they for comfort etc etc??

    mmm motard wheels on the KLX450R might be on down the track as well!
  5. Not having received mine yet I can't really say, but I did my research and they are apparently barely noticeable after just a few minutes, and not obstructive for any track riding. There are certain instances (eg coming up out of very steep gullies - going down a steep hill and need to look up a steep hill) where they are a pain in enduro/single trail type stuff.

    A mate of mine has a KLX450 motard. Plenty of poke, pretty light, and not quite as highly strung as some of the others. Good choice I reckon. :grin:

  6. Thanks Devo, maybe I will change my name to matti-tard :cool:

    Yeah that's what i thought, but I will watch for your review.

    I looked at the Huskys and the KTM and was a but put off as they are race machines with lights and as this is my first dirt bike and first bike over 250cc I thought this was a good bike that I could soop up later on, after all the KX450 motocross uses many of the same suspension and engine bits. :grin:
  7. I havent got one (yet).

    But after chatting to one of the guys that rides VSMR and having a look at his brace, im pretty much sold - especially for track.

    My understanding is you will notice it for a couple of minutes but like all safety gear you'll forget your wearing it soon enough... wonder what people thought when helmets first invented.

    Maybe a better comparison are MX Boots - you know how restrictive they are but absolutely critical and you get used to em.

    Personally, I like the $700 version's design. When the time comes, ill invest in that or any improved version at the time.
  8. Thanks guys, looks like they make them for the little tacker as well. hmmm now I need to buy two, looks like the kid gets his first and then me. Well add $1,400 to my budget, now what do I have to sell to pay for this? bye bye boat. :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Looks like it, cant find much on it but seems to still be available on Flea Bay. From what ive read, doesnt sound impressive.

    Half way down this page is an EVS add.


    Considering their other products - some engineering would have gone into this, not just "Reverse-Engineered". Somehow it doesnt look right, compared to the Leatt.

    All that, my money is still on the Leatt, until I see some back to back testing/evaluations.

    Oh - and after all that, I cant seem to find the EVS Neck Brace on their website ??? (the one on the add above).

    Heres another which may see the light of day...

  10. Well I've got the Leatt here, but won't be riding till Friday week, and even then it'll only be an RR track. I'll post a review when I get back on some tight tarmac and dirt.

    My mate bought ours through http://www.riderdown.org, so keep them in mind if you go through the US. At least the profits go to a good cause.
  11. Tried fitting the Leatt, but no go without modifying my leathers. It won't go over the top of my back protector and the neck of my leathers is too small for it to go under. I'm getting them cut and shut in the next couple of weeks, so a review then.