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Evolution Yamaha

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by oz650r, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Called in to Evolution Yamaha today for a look as we were driving past. I had no intention of buying anything and was just looking. My helmet and boots are getting a little worn and will need replacing soon. I had decided that I would replace them within the next 3 months as money will be a little tight with the arrival of our first child next month. I ended up walking out with a new Arai Vector and a pair of Alpinestars SMX4 boots. I got the lot for $1000 including a tinted visor. Scott is a very professional salesman and is the reason I bought from this store. The owner Chris (who was 1/2 owner of Redwing Honda) is also a great guy. I have been to this store a few times but have only bought a bottle of Motul brake fluid from them. When I bought the brake fluid I was asked if I knew about the different grades of fluid. I said no why is that? And was then told what grade should be used in the different systems ( I am a mechanic so know exactly what should be used but I just wanted to test him). The info was spot on. I have always been treated well when I have entered this store. It shows the guys working there have a genuine interest and like their job. I will go back to buy gear from them when I need it and will not shop for a better price as I do not think I will find better SERVICE. Thats right SERVICE! These guys know the meaning of the word. Well done Evolution Yamaha :applause:

    Evolution Yamaha 342 Cooper street Epping 9401 0000
  2. I have been going to Evolution since they opened, I'm a very happy camper :)
  3. Hmmmm, i got burned from them. Twice :(

    I went in asking for parts for my CBR250R.
    I wanted a oil filter....gave me the wrong one.
    I wanted a air filter....gave me the wrong one even though i brought in my old one and showed the differences, they said it would fit straight in :S

    Guess they were wrong.

    I will admit they do well with prices. I picked up a KBC helmet which was at $400 for $350. Though i think most motorbike shops can haggel a little ;)

    Overall, i guess all shops make mistake, it just peeved me off they did it twice. Its a decent drive down to Evolution!
  4. I had a bit of bad luck with them as well. Got them to fit an alarm and they didnt fit it properly. The didnt connect the immobiliser, remote start or even the anti hijack. They had the bike for 2 weeks and still couldnt work it out. Got Mode auto electric to do it. 2 hours later all done and working perfectly. Also asked which oil is best for a TL1000R and they said 10w -50. looked up in owners manual and it says 10w - 40. i know it seems pety but if you cant answer something so stupid what else cant you answer. As for gear try AMX and speak to Rachel. Really cheap for all their gear and you can bargain them down too... Got a jacket, helmet, gloves and boots for $600. (i didnt believe it either when i was told the price).