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evolution of car drivers

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by TAX123, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. they say we evolved from the apes, but yesterday I would say some car drivers have devolved to a lower than ape mentality.

    This moron in a Ford falcon chariot, accelerated as fast as his POS could go, while i was maybe 5-10 % of my acceleration he wanted to merge from left to the lane i was in, i watched him slowly speed up to around 140 kph, when he go stuck behind slow traffic, when i got up to him he was laughing as if he beat me in a race or something. Do these car drivers really think they are faster than us, are they fooling themselves are they that stupid, don’t they know my bike gets to 100 in just over 3 seconds, while they take close to 10 seconds if not more in some cases, don’t they know that i don’t want to or don’t need to prove to everyone at the traffic lights that i am the fastest.

    And its not just P platers in their imports its older morons in there utes or vans or family ford falcons etc

  2. Riding back from Dargo the other day. Came up to a family in an old 70's Ford Falcon, loaded to the hilt, just as we hit a set of good corners. "Dad" was determined to show the bike rider a thing or two. Instead, "dad" showed the bike rider just how stupid "dad" was by nearly losing control about 5 times with the car understeering, "dad" over-correcting, and then fishtailing, all at speeds that were barely above yawn-inducing when astride the motorbike.

    I suspect that "mom" gave "dad" a good clip behind the ear, because suddenly "dad" slowed to a crawl and once the "dangerous" bike rider was past, "dad"s car was out of sight within 30 seconds.
  3. you know its not just these people and bikes, i got some friends with exotic sport cars, and they get people in there toy sport cars and utes, vans and family sedans wanting to race them and when they dont the others still do and build up their egos on bullshit. Off topic has anyone accelerated at such a pace that they black out for a second, happened to me once after a long ride, i filtered to the front and just twisted the wrist a bit far and fast and just felt my blood rush from my head for a second. has this happened to anyone else?
  4. No, not ever, not even close. That sounds like a serious issue mate, but as you said it occurred after a long ride, I'd suggest that you were heavily fatigued and dehydrated. Make sure to drink lots when on long rides. I generally put down around 600ml of water per hour.
  5. yea it was a long ride and this was without lunch and was late in the arvo. I dont usually pull back the thottle all the way, so i thought might be something about the quick rush of speed, like in a plane or elevator type feeling.
  6. Sitting at the lights, You know when the clods in cars want to boost their ego,s by racing a bike, I take off and just sit beside them with my left hand on my leg and just look at them, As they speed up, I sit beside them and slowly wind the wrist on, Click it into second with out clutch, left hand still on leg, Still sitting beside them and looking at them like they are Morons, which they are, When they are flat stick, I laugh at them and shake my head at them making sure that they see it and then give it a handfull and still in second gear. It makes them realise just how pathetic they and their heap of metal are, Hope fully it stops them racing bikes in the future, As most times they do it, One lane merges into the other and can cause problems for the bike rider as the car moves into your lane,
  7. I remember a story of a cb400 that could accelerate as fast as a zx-6r...
  8. How often do you have to take a leak?
  9. No more than usual. You lose most of it as sweat.
  10. If i'm feeling patient I just match there speed or even let them pull ahead ever so slightly. I wait for the scumbag to pull up at the next set of lights with him and his gf giggling. Then next time give it a real go. You watchthem hang back next time.

    If I'm feeling inpatient i'll match there speed in 1st until about 70kph then pin it and pass them on the back wheel.

    Thats if the car is even somewhat good (V8, turbo import, ferrari etc). If its a poofy little 4cyl P plate car i deliberatly go out of my way not to acknoledge them and ride with my hand on my leg as deadman described. Acknoledging them in any way feeds their ego which is exactly what they want. They are the trolls of the road.
  11. I never race any of them wankers, i just show them how quicker i get to the front of the lights. I save my speed for times i know there are no cops and no taddle tales around.
  12. lol ive twice "raced" off the line without knowing -

    1. me vs lancer - i take off normal meanwhile the lancer has screeched the tyres trying to take off. i got on the brakes hard once i realised what had happened as i didnt want to be seen to be racing. the guy in the lancer thought it was pretty funny.

    2. me v lotus (exige i think) - in this case i pulled up next to him, he blipped the throttle a couple of times, i looked over however didnt respond in any way (as i wasnt sure of his intention immediately). Lights go green and he launches leaving me in his dust, we pull up at the next set of lights and at this stage hes realised we werent actually racing! Again this guy was happy with his accomplishment none the less.

    i strictly dont race as i can see it potentially ending not so pretty
  13. Racing on the road is for little boys with big egos.

    Take it to the track.
  14. I don't have the chops to race anyone. If I am keeping pace off the lights with the car in the next lane then I know I'm at least not slowing anyone down too much behind me. The big yellow [L] is helpful too (at least to most drivers who will cut you a bit of slack).

    Mind you as a general comment I am somewhat surprised that evolution has resulted in the "hand wave" acknowledgement from a driver that they've done the wrong thing changing to "an extended middle finger". I long thought that the ooloo sign was rude. Isn't evolution an interesting phenomenon?

    Fun Ha!
  15. i always race and always win.

    i often black out but thats usually cause all the blood rushes to my dick
  16. I may only be on my L's (P's MOST tomorrow in fact... hopefully... hehe), and ride a 250, but the little sucker can take off at a pretty good clip.
    Its not that im racing, its not that im flogging the bike (maybe 50 - 65% throttle as i roll on), up to about 9k rpm - redlines at 14k. Its just how i take off... sometimes im feeling like just relaxing and im in 6th by the time i hit 50kph, just chillin...

    Somehow even just taking it easy you get morons in their milk cartons flogging the poor cars ass off, going slower then me 3/4 asleep on the way home from nightshift when im just trying to stay out of trouble and get home for some sleep.

    For me the funniest thing is so many people try to "teach the L plater a thing or two" or a "lesson he wont forget". Pity i take no notice because im neither new to bikes or the road :p. Just new to the two of those together...
  17. Yep. Also, sometimes if they are stupid enough to try and drag a bike at a set of lights they are also probably stupid enough to try and run said bike of the road in a fit of rage.
  18. Had that happen, TSK TSK TSK, For them,
  19. Call me egotistic, but I love out accelerating cars when I'm on the scooter. Its the ultimate shutdown when you get overtaken by 125cc.
  20. Nobody seems to want to race the Tiger 1050. It could be the curlycord going to my helmet and the UHF antenna. Or it just looks like an old man's touring bike.

    Mind you, any car driver who does want to race a litrebike is either a ignorant twat, an unmarked cop, or trolling. I don't give them the satisfaction.