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Eviron Leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Funkmonkey, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Heya guys,

    Just found something on ebay that is most likely too good to be true so im not going to go out and spend until i can get some feedback from the company, and perhaps even you guys here, and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this company.

    They are a UK based company that sells 1 and 2 piece leather racing suits, and claim that they are leather, problem is that they dont specify if they are PU or Genuine leather products and there is no statement as to their safety rating or anything like that. I have emailed them for some more info but hey you know what some companies are like so any information anyone else has would be most welcome. Im also finding it difficult to find ANY reviews what so ever on the internet.

    So if youve heard of them or have any experience with them good or bad, id love to hear about it, if no one has heard of them (and its genuine leather) i will actually consider buying one of their suits as im not exactly flush with cash and am gonna find it hard paying the current going rate for most suits available these days.

    Cheers guys,

    The Funk
  2. Had a response from them this morning, they say that their suits are 100% cowhide and the best quality at the price.

    Now as the price on them is $175 (the one im looking at is on special) im not sure if that means theyre cheap and nasty or bloody good value.
  3. I bet you they will be shit.

    There's a heap of companies out there getting factories in Sialkot, Pakistan to make suits for them, you can cut out the middle man and go straight to the maker who will swear blind that their suits are the best around. We get people bringing their "bargain" ebay suits into the shop for repairs and alterations and every single one of them has been rubbish.

    I would never ever buy leathers without having a look at them first, or at least knowing the brand. I'm pretty fussy though and I only wear leathers that I trust :)

    Good luck! - ask the seller where the leathers are made.
  4. Thats fair enough. Unfortunately i just cant afford the multiple hundreds of dollars that get charged for suits and second hand ones that will be both the right fit and design are a bit difficult to come by. A bit of a shame really, but the leathers i have need replacing as theyre old and JUST a tad too small.
    Thankyou for the info tho.
  5. Expensive - yes, but remember the job you're paying them to do. You could go cheaper, but you're just putting yourself at risk IMO.
  6. Skin grafts aren't cheap too
  7. Too true there gents, but i would also say that something is better than nothing (and looking like a squid)

    Ive got a friend who can repair the zip on my jacket so that will have to do for now anyway. I just have to hope i dont put on any more weight (Haha and the leather pants get plenty of comments from the blokes i go to uni with... shame it doesnt get any from the women!)
  8. Good leathers are double stitched and have large panels of leather, not a patchwork of smaller pieces.
  9. +1 to twistngo, it does you no good if the seams open up immediately on a crash. Quality leathers are designed to ablate away as you slow but remain intact. Seams are double or triple stitched and recessed or protected by a fold in the leather so that the leather and not the stitching takes the abrasion.

    I don't know this particular company but as previously said a lot of low grade leathers are coming out of Pakistan masquerading under multiple different brands.
  10. If you really need leathers and cannot afford them, get a credit card, or a bank loan.

    I would rather the risk of bad credit then the feeling of my hip bone being ground down as i slide down the road with my 200$ race suit exploding as soon as i hit the deck.
  11. Cool thanks for the info guys. makes sense :)