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Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Akros Tec, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Hi bought a Akros tec scooter also. Did you de-restrict the electronic restiction yourself. If so what wire was is? Have tried a few but no difference. Have a black wire with a fine red strip on it unable to remove it. Did you know that tgb are testing enhancement kits and should be on the market hopefully in a months time. If fitted it will not void the warranty but to be used for off road or racing though.

  2. fantastic stuff...

    I got the shop to do it.. from memory it was just a black wire, on the right hand side of the plug.... it was just cut with wire cutters...

    But I wouldn't trust my memory too much...

    the kits sound good.. will have to keep an ear(eye) out :)
  3. man i hope he finds the wire ;)

    sick of crusing below 60!!!
  4. try and Google it, good chance you will find something on the net that will tell you how to do it.
  5. Sent an email off to tgb thats how i found out about the enhancement kits. They are going to send me the results and what the kit involves. Also did you know that you can get work shop manuals for them. Need to go to your nearest dealer and order one. One more thing if you go to a web site called scootnfast and go to mods they show step by step was to de-reconstrict your scooter.
  6. De-restrict?
  7. Better yet - Deconstruct.... :LOL:
  8. Theres those bloody SMARTIES again!!!
  9. I actually like scooters - I even owned a Vespa once :LOL:

    I'm not going to pass up the oppportunity for a crack like that though :p :p
  10. weak.. a typo is all...
  11. typo shmypo, grow a thicker skin.

    Any wonder you lot get picked on. :roll:

    Scooters are ace, I want one. But I can handle being laughed at because of it so NER!!!!!!
  12. :LOL: hehehehe

    I like this crowd they bite so easily.
  13. Yeah - even easier than Across riders... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. my point was that surely you can pick better things sling at than a typo...

    bring it on
  15. Of course..

    Wollongongian Hornet 600 riders;
    groberts; :p
    Old farts on BMWs from Traralgon (hello Brian :LOL: ).

    the list is endless :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. If they were fish, they'd be a protected species.
  17. You can spot the scooterists around here that wear proper safety gear when they're out on the road ... they're the ones who don't feel the insults of the 'proper' bikers around here. :grin:
  18. ?? what my singlet, stubbies, and thongs don't count as protection gear?? :p

  19. From what I've seen the skin on the average scooter rider here is so thin they need all the protection they can get... :p :p :LOL:
  20. get me a full kevlar suit then for when I get my Peugot JetForce then...
    *drools** .. well... I'll get one when I win Lotto then! :LOL: