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:evil: SOME Bastard unwraped my bike again lastnight!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ward_4e, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. :evil: Why cant people in this god damn neigbourhood leave my bike alone!!!!! stupid god damn drunken bogans migrate the damn pub on the corner and I come out at 6am to find the tiedown ropes cut the bike unwraped and f*cking fingerprints all over the tank! I think someone is sizing it up to take it :(

    My trumpy has been unwraped at least 3 times now twice witha knife!.... :evil: If you hear of somene being murdered in north hobart YES IT WAS ME!!! I found the bastard marking up my BIKE...

    When I first moved in to my new house here in north hobart it was all hunky dory the place was quite... Now since the mudane mundine fight night every bogan and his mongel have been walking the street to the pub at the corner... That instigated the chains, one woven through the disks at the front and the second tehering the bike to to the gate post... The disk lock goes on the rear disk and my Cheap arse bike cover that is stained and makes the bike look like and every day peice of sh*t goes over the top.

    Now I'm looking for a bike alarm... I knew I should have jumped on the jaycar band waggon :evil:
  2. Doesn't sound to good - no way to get it off the street? Alarm sound like the only option. good luck.
  3. or keep it in the house :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Park it up at the pub and tell the publican it's HIS reponsibility to look after it, since it's his patrons who are molesting it :LOL:
  5. tried... it wont make it up the stairs... :cry: the land lord said i could keep it out the back but I have to get it up the stairs :cry:

    Thats it I'm going to have to get the alarm today... and fit it tommorow night... oh wait how much were the jaycar alarms?
  6. there is this product that you could look at as well
    its called 'sound off'
    its a Xena PIR ceiling mounted intruder alarm model number is ( XA 601 )
    its a 360 degree infra red that detects movement
    could be good and it has a on /off switch via remote control
    they can be contacted on gardener enterprises on (02) 4226 2999

    it was in the MCN mag

    good luck
  7. That blows. I hope nothing happens to it.

    If they do damage it, though, I know a lot of Americans and Canadians with weapons to lend a hand... :twisted:
  8. Shit

    Thats crap mate it's fked to know some one else if screwing round with your bike.

    Have u checked the ignition barrell ?

    I used to live down tassie as well mate where outs in North Hobart are you?
    I have a few mates round that way i can have a chat to and see if they heard of any one trying to pinch ya bike if you like?

  9. Re: Shit

    Yeah checked the barrel, wiring seat lock I basicaly at 6am went over my baby with a fine tooth comb... apart from shoe rubber over the rear cowl ie someone getting on.. and loads of finger prints there wasnt much else... In my book someone sitting on the bike is someone trying out the bike...

    where I live isnt so bad.. I live in george st... you head up argyle across burnett st, there is a dogey now bogan infested rat hole call the wagon and horse on the corner of my street... If you caould have a chat that would be great.

    Till I fit an alarm I'll bee sleeping downstairs on the couch with the old willow sitting by teh door for easy 6's.... :twisted:
  10. Dude................you're in Tassie!

    Just sit on the porch in your rocking chair with your shotgun :LOL: :p

    Seriously though, make a little 'bike garage'. You could build something for less than the cost of the alarm, just a little shed that the bike goes in and nobody can touch it.
  11. Or better still you heard of a plank of wood.
    Add some rubber / or sticky strips along the plank then ride the bike up the bloody stairs.

    The best thing about that idea is you can remove the plank once the bike is through.

    Thats exactly what one of my friends does here with his trail bike then turns the bike off once he is up the stairs and on level ground.
  12. Or the alternative get some roadworks barriers and surround your bike then buy a pitbull or other phsyco dog.
    You supply the pizza and drinks, I'll bring a few friends and "keep an eye out" over a coupla nights.

    trust me, the word will get around that the bikes got big ugly angry friends and doesn't like being played with.

    Alternatively, are you walking distance from Joe's garage? if so, go there regularly, and he'll let you park it in the bar!

  14. I would be waiting with a baseball bat by the window. It's just discracefull that people disrespect other people's property like that.
  15. That sucks! I feel for you because I have to park on the street as well. Luckily, my street is pretty good most of the time, though I once found my bike lying on the ground pushed over for no apparent reason...

    I have a little porch out front, acessed by a couple of steps. Naturally I thought as others suggested a plank of wood might be the go. But whether I'm too puny or not dedicated enough, i found lugging the bastard up and down every day was more than I was prepared to put up with... and that was not even a bike, but a 50cc scoot with nominal weight of around 100kg!

    Maybe you could rent a garage? Share it with a couple of other bike owners to keep the cost down ... or what the heck, just move!
  16. EACRUSER: Looked at doing this but as a lonfg term I'm going for a week option... but I generally take it wherever I go... some of the looks from the mums with prams on walking tracks i've been down have been priceless...

    JJ! hows the thundercat?.... Nah I'll give joes a skip as I am going to move soon.. get away from this street.. Till I fix everything I'm a little emarased to show my TT at joes, call it show pony anxiety, and there are alot of show pony's in hobart..

    but Pizza? I'll buy us the pizza on a weekend ride soon
  17. I suggest an electric fence, you can get one pretty cheap and you just put the wire around your bike with these garden stakes (they include in the pack) and plug the unit into the power. My mate has one (in his garden), very effective ;-)
  18. No shit your from Snug! Didn't even think you'd be able to get internet down their. Joes Garage hey havent been down there for a while. Not a bad place though i rekon.

    And i'll tell mymates to keep a listen out as they live north hobart and west hobart

  19. ward - grab a couple of doonas, set up a comfy chair, don the beanie and pull an allnighter in the front yard where you can't be seen. You'll nab the dicks doing it. Then introduce them to you're 2 mates - Gunn & Moore.....