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EVIL POLL: Which Tassie Gem will stack first?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Loz, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Loz is gonna dump the Hornet BIG TIME.

  2. Matt232 hasn't crashed for a while... Must be his turn.

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  3. MartyH will prove that V-Stroms bounce just as well as Viffers.

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  4. Mouth's gonna cop it... And I'm gonna laugh about it.

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  5. Dean's gonna christen the shiny new VTR.

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  6. Glitch_OZ talks the talk... and I bet he's gonna fall the fall.

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  1. 9 days, countless corners, and several thoroughbred gravel munchers fighting it out to answer the ultimate question... Who's going to be the first one to deck it in Tassie?

    Apologies if I've left perfectly good stack-jockeys out of the voting options... I just haven't seen them around much on NetRider or don't know who they are on here!

  2. Re: Which Tassie Gem will stack first?

    I've got some other plans...leave THAT to you buster :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Wow guys, I'm flattered... 5 votes for me!

    But look, this isn't a popularity contest...

  4. I'm voting for you Loz - 'cos we haven't met :D & everyone else I know & would like to see both person & bike back in one piece :p :D
  5. ALL OF YOU!!!!

    Massive pile-up as you all race to be first off the boat :LOL:

  6. Hehe, matt232 i voted for you.
  7. And the winner is.....


    Apart from Jo rear-ending Matty on a hired quadbike, rubber sides have stayed downward so far. Watch this space, lots of days of riding still yet to come!

    Good to see Matt and Marty up on even odds with me... Believe me, the roads here are absolute wet dreams... Except when they're wet.

    Every day of the trip so far I've said to myself "I've never seen a road nearly as good as this one" - and we're only 3 days in... Un****enbelievable!

  8. marty and matt232

    its like mackivey diva ..... have to go with history :LOL:
  9. I've got my Money on Matt232... only coz he's SO DAMN GOOD at it :p
  10. I spent 4 days driving around Tassie 2 and a bit weeks ago. The roads are Nirvana, just watch the loose stuff up over and around the Cradle Mountain area.

    Also the road from Strahan back to Hobart - the first 80+K are heavene, but the stuff on the road needs to be watched carefully.

    Enjoy !

    ps/ Loz - I voted for you !
  11. Thanks ya barstards!!!

    Few of the crew had some brown trouser times but we all got back in one piece (after collecting and sticking all the pieces back onto Loz's bike.)

    Now think I'll go on the GOR ride to take the edge of this depression after getting back.
  12. Yeah, not a single stack to be had in 35,000 kilometres of combined hard-arsed twisties riding. Sorry folks, move along, nothing to see here.

    Lovely to see however that Matty pipped me at the post and came out with more votes.
  13. So...anyone plan to post a few pics? :)
  14. Pics, as well as what should be a heeeyuuuuge write-up, to follow soon.
  15. I see where your coming from with that and i obviously you have the right not to want to be involved. I must admit i didnt look at it that way, i thought you guys were all mates and were havin a bit of a joke together...

    Something put in this context wouldnt phase me at all, im quite happy to have a joke about my own saftey. Someone saying they actually wanted me to crash would be a different story all together though.

    But each to their own and i totally respect that you dont wanna be involved...

    Anyways hope yas had a great time and glad that there were no such incidents and everyone stayed safe :)
  16. SECONDED !!!!!!!!
    ...and whoever casted their vote my way:
    :butt: :butt: :butt: :butt: :LOL:
  17. Jeez Marty, ease up fella. This thread is no more bad karma than actors telling each other to "break a leg" when they go on stage.
  18. Marty is correct, yer it's all fun and games but if somethig would have happened and someone got hurt then how would this stupid poll look?
    And what if that particular person was the one voted for the most?
    Some may think it';s a joke but really think people.
    (I can't believe I'm saying that)