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'Evil destruction' of a happy family

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Flibble, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. A system involving social workers, police and courts took a child away from loving parents for no apparent reason, writes Christopher Booker.....

    Article here (www.telegraph.co.uk)

    What a sad story...
  2. I'd have involved the media immediately.

    Then identified my child publically, to make the grounds for refusing a protest a foregone conclusion.

    Marched on the courthouse/parliament house with my neighbours and every gardening implement they can carry.

    Got my kid back.

    Sued the everliving **** our of child services/whatever they call it over there.

    That is disgusting.
  3. That is absolutely disgusting. Makes you want to ditch the courts and pick up the axe and angle grinder. I simply cant think of anything else to say.

    Actually I can, it makes you love movies such as Taken and Sin City. Such raw justice being carried out.
  4. :evil:
    WTF !
  5. that is just wrong.
  6. That's England!
  7. They seem to take away the ones that don't need it, and leave the ones that should be taken away and end up dying by neglect or brutality.
  8. I thought that was just Victoria?
    Anyone remember a kid named Daniel Valerio?
    SFA has changed!
    (And I see this sh1t).
  9. If i was a parent and my child was taken from me in those circumstances, there's no way i'd be waiting for the courts for 2 years. I reckon it'd take me a week to get to the point of hiring some shady private investigator to get her back or i'd do it myself. The movie "Man on Fire" describes how i feel right now, just from having read the story.

    I'm the angriest i've been in a very long time. And this sort of thing in the UK, of all places!? Maybe in a third-world country, but in a major democracy?

    It makes me irate. :evil:
  10. You want to stick a bomb up someones backside?

    I agree.
  11. I might be reading into it too much but the start of that report smelt like PETA...
  12. pretty bad but dosnt come close to what happened to the asain family in Sydney, wrong and sick in every way, and all the papers brag about is they broke the story first
  13. Happens here aswell, beleave me. People who do this should be strung up and shot :evil: