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"Evil Dead" 2013 *POSSIBLE SPOILERS!*

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dan.adl, May 10, 2013.

  1. Anyone else see it yet?
    Surely there are some fans of the original on here.

    I enjoyed it, different, but still true to the original and still very Sam Raimi.
  2. Now that's a blast from the past, never even knew they were doing a remake. I can't say I liked the first one that much, the second one was Ok, the third one was, well it was pretty awesome (y) found it very entertaining in a stupid kind of way.

    Anywho now that I know there is a new one I'll have to go and see it.
  3. is it still based on real events like the original ?
  4. Apparently so, but just the tree bit... That was the only scene based on real events in the original.
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  5. Saw it loved it! t was the first R rated film i saw whilst under age. I thought it would be right and proper for the re-make to be my daughter's first R rated film whilst under age. To her credit, she kept her eyes open for almost all of it! Was as good a re-make as you'll see. Good gore, great effects, and the story line was fairly close to the original without ripping it off completely. Nice twist. And as for the after credits surprise... Groovy.