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Everywhere i look ....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by CruiseOrLoose, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. I have to say everywhere i look there is a ninja 250r 2009. .

    this has really turned me off them.
    i dont want to have what EVERYONE has :confused:

    has anybody else experienced this ??

  2. Get a CBR250RR then :wink:

  3. :rofl::rofl:
  4. definitely :LOL:
  5. I think your choices of good 250 LAMS legal sports bikes are quite limited so you'll always have what everyone has.

    But who cares?

    All that matters is whether you enjoy riding it or not...
  6. im selling my as new Hysoung GT250R.. only a year old and its been fantastic... love it!

  7. True, but honestly i do not see many cbr250rr s :-$
  8. At least if you get a CBR it'll be fast and and stop better than a 250r...
  9. Faster, definitely, but stop better? I would check into that, because I rode a mates and they have some fearsome little brakes :LOL:
  10. If its only for your restricted period who cares.

    And you can always modify it. I modify every vehicle i get in some way to make it my own.

    I made my own fender eliminator for my GPX!
    you can change the indicators levers grips exhaust, whatever.
  11. Yeah, was thinking the same today. I counted 3 ninja250s on their L plates at uni today.

    I ride a vtr250 even one of my good mates has a 250r.

    They do look pretty good though... that's for sure, I personally found that there was nowhere near enough room for my legs on the ninja250r.

    Dunno about the brakes, but I do know for sure that off the line the vtr250 has a fair advantage... top end is likely better on the ninja though.
  12. How tall are you? I'm 6'3" and fit ok. I look like I'm wearing a green g-string.. but still... it fits.
  13. Definitely? Wouldn't be so sure about that, after 20 years or so of getting thrashed who knows what might have happened! :LOL:
  14. I too wish to be different just like everyone else.

    Counter-culture marketing is the new black peoples.
    Image is nothing, thirst is everything, obey your thirst.
  15. Thanks I'm off to have a beer!! :)
  16. Would you like to buy a comma? Harry Connick Jr may see this.
  17. That guy is not living that one down in a hurry, thats for sure...
  18. I see a million of them too in Wollongong and around. Very popular bike, one of the best selling bikes since being introduced.

    What i find about people who buy them, i regularly talk to people who have a bike licence, and the convo generally goes like this.

    Person 1: So what do you ride?
    Person 2: I got a "Ninja"
    Person 1: Oh yeah, ZX6 or big ZX10r!!! Awesome bikes.
    Person 2: Nah the 250.
    Person 1: Ohh :rofl:

    Dont get me wrong, good bike, sound wicked with a pipe and i had had to get my licence all over again, i would get one second hand.
  19. I see more hyosung gt250r's around than ninjas, but there's still a lot of ninjas out there. I see way more learner legal bikes than big ones for some reason.
  20. True, they are everywhere. But once you get into Melbourne cbd, there are hyo 250's EVERWHERE.

    If you really want to be different, get a Megelli. Never seen one before.

    Looks HOT for a 125. (because everyone has 250's) Haha