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Everytime I pick up the guitar, this always happens !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, May 10, 2005.

  1. I get waaaaaay too into it, and the next thing I know, it's 2 friggin' 30 !!!! Work is gonna suck in the morning ................

  2. Doonks, work sux every morning, no matter what time you go to bed! I'm a mandolin and a guitar player. I have the same problem. I tell Mrs Nodz, going to disappear into study and play mando for a while, five hours later I'm still sitting there...fingers bleeding...:LOL:
  3. Nodz, if your fingers bleed after 5 hours, you aren't playing enough! :p But I'm the same - once I pick it up, I keep playing. And with three quite different guitars to pick from, it can take a while...
  4. Voyager, yep I've got three different guitars to choose from (2 electric and one acoustic) and a mandolin. Just that a mandolin does tend to be a bit more hard wearing on the fingers as strings under greater tension and until recently most had a flat fretboard rather than the 12-14 inch radius of the electric guitar...:LOL:
  5. Well well, what do you konw!!!!!!! Better show off myself as well :p
    electric guitar
    acoustic classic (plastic strings)
    acoustic 12 string
    electric bass
    acoustic twin neck (12 and 6 string) with electric pickupus - my own handmade project, slowly realising it will never be finished and it will never look or sound good :(
  6. my axe is a Maton steel string acoustic - the "Clare". One of the 'Wine Series' guitars, a limited edition range. Basically it's the same as a M325.

    One day I'll own a TE2 ;)
  7. Do any of you guys give lessons?
  8. Well if we're showing off:

    1 x L/H Acoustic
    1 x L/H Acoustic/Electric Slimline w/ Cutaway
    1 x R/H Acoustic
    2 x L/H Electric
    1 x L/H Bass Guitar
    3 x Electric Keyboards
    1 x PC with Fruity Loops, Cubase, Musicworks2 and Sibelius
    Various Percussion Insturments (Cowbell, Maracas, Tambourines, etc).

    8) 8) 8)
  9. only in NOT how to play properly ;)
  10. Crap I forgot my KORG as well, thanx Pete. It must be somewhere under the bed collecting dust :LOL:

    My guitars are all L/H or converted to L/H, do you find it hard to get LH guitars that suit you Pete?
  11. Yeah, good lefties are hard to find.

    I have a little game where I walk into the music shop and count how many lefties there are. Usually no more then 2-3 in every 30.

    Can you play righthanded too? My friends are always amazed when we're sitting round jamming that I can pick up a right handed guitar and play it almost as well as one of my lefties. I think it's because whenever you're round at someones house they've always got a s#$tty R/H guitar lying round that they bash away on, and I always end up picking up up and havving a strum.

    Just goes to show Lefties ARE more creative and intelligent.
  12. Nah mate, never tried to play RH, it just doesn't go :D But I'm not that good anyway, so my LHs are enough for me.

    I tried to find LH acoustic bass, no can be done.
  13. I pulled mine appart and left it in pieces. same goes for the bike

    I sucked at guitar anyway..
  14. Yeah it is in my price range.....oh hold on, I haven't won the lottery yet.......mate,all of my instruments together don't cost that much :LOL:
  15. Woohoo....comin to a pub (or garage) near you......The Netriders.....Australia's answer to ???????.

    We got heaps of guitar players, we must have at least one drummer, I play a very bad blues harp,
    and I've noticed a lot of guys on here who seem to play with the organ a lot.

    8) 8)
  16. Used to play drums, sold them years ago, too much hassle, not enough love for them :D
  17. Wow... what a talanted bunch you lot are!!