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Everything wrong about electric bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Pretty much summed up in the one vehicle:
    Front wheel drive :shock: with just 0.25kw, a top speed of 25kph, and a maximum range of 20km (0.35kw/35kph/35km in the "deluxe" model). Despite this it is actually road legal in Japan :eek:

    Seems to me the only market is people too fat/unfit for a bicycle, but not quite fat/unfit enough for a mobility scooter.

  2. This is an argument against this particular electric bike. Electric motors provide absolute torque from a stop and. Smooth power delivery etc... Don't get me wrong, there is something about a petrol engine and gear changes etc but I wouldn't be writing electric off.
  3. It needs handle bar tassels and a basket, otherwise perfect.
  4. Yes, but this is a thread for all the things that are still wrong about electric bikes. Namely low-power, limited range, and used more for novelty value than anything else - not to mention allowing for some pretty hideous styling.

    I give you Exhibit B, the Agility Saietta
  5. electric bikes should look like the ones in the latest TRON movie and sound like the ones in Return of The Jedi. Then they will be cool.
  6. No :p

    The Yamaha ECF
  7. a saving grace
    everything good about electric bikes,

    and two more examples of the wrong way.
    trying to re-invent the bike, rather then improve it
  8. The killacycle:

  9. What's new? Concept vehicles are always hideous and there's plenty of evidence that manufacturers try to make petrol engined mopeds cutesy. Besides, the Honda Z50 is road legal here (and everywhere else) so we're not exactly sensible.

    For someone who keeps (rightly) pointing to inconvenient things like evidence and facts you can be remarkably one-eyed and selective with your examples sometimes.
  10. Yamaha Miu
    Another Yamaha
    And the Fremont Fido
  11. No, just bored with the overly technical "this is the future of motorcycling" stuff. Thought it'd be more interesting to demonstrate some of the more stupid ideas that have already reached the prototype or production stage.

    Edit: Feel free to start a "What's wrong with petrol engined motorcycles" thread if you want. I could think of a few things to add to that too.
  12. I almost wet myself when I saw the first one....I'm sure my son had a little one to sit on and push around on his feet when he was about 2....
  13. In some respects this is kinda impressive, but in many more just pointless (especially once you get to the footage of it being ridden around the 1:00 mark).
  14. And another contender for the "just plain wrong" category
    Somehow I don't imagine HD owners being amongst the early adopters of electric bikes, no matter how much Siemens put into it ;)
  15. Hahahahaha too funny....are you bored JD, or just considering buying an electric bike and are doing research?
  16. Not so much bored, just very easily distracted from what I should be doing, which at the moment is writing about diffusion in metals.

    Electric bikes are just one of the many things I've been following the development of, since I find reading science articles more interesting than most of the crap on TV.
  17. Given that that appears to be one of the OCC blokes riding it, I'd assume that it (a) is stuck together with double-sided tape (b) would cost the punter the price of a small Carribean island and (c) doesn't work.