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Everything went dark

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by i_happen, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Had a real oh F%&k moment. I work evenings in a rural area. I left work just before midnight and hit the highway almost immediatly. Second corner I came to was a long sweeping left with no street lights and there was no moon on this night.
    Half way around the corner the headlight and engine just switch off. I'm at 100 with no idea when this corner ends. I kept what I thought was the corner going while I wipe off as much speed as possible with my feet on the ground to try and judge speed. I came to about wlking speed and turned left to find the edge of the road.
    I came to a stop in the pitch black and reached for the keys to turn everything fully off and noticed the keys weren't perfectly vertical.
    It was all my fault. I hadn't turned the key fully and it was just on. Just happened to break contact at a fairly bad time and shut everything down. No Cuts scratches on me or the bike but my underwear had to be destroyed. They were beyond repair. But now I actually site the posistion of the keys before moving an inch.

  2. I would have thought on a relatively newish bike that the ignition barrel would have given you just on or off, with no half measures

    just as well there was no livestock on the road to complicate matters :shock:
  3. So would I. To make it worse I have tried to recreate the issue and cant.
  4. thats scary, never thought of crap like that happening
  5. bugger that!
    well done on not decking it
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    Jaysus. That's a new one. You needed terminator II guidance technology for your ride.
  7. crazy stuff, never heard of that happening ever before. maybe your bike is possessed.
  8. I hate it when a good faithful pair of underpants has to be put down. Sad.

    You're going to make very sure that key is on in future, aren't you?
  9. KD do you wear two underpants lol...............?
  10. I had a similar experience accidentally knocking the kill switch... you only do something like that once. lol
  11. then of course there was the infamous throttle-helper :LOL:
  12. I do, in case I have a Golfer moment & get a hole in one.

    8-[ :bolt:
  13. Glad to hear you're ok!!
    I did the 'accidently knocked the kill switch ONCE while riding down to the island to watch the motogp for the first time, you reckon I didnt feel like a dick!! lol As Rod said, you only do that the one time as you are more aware.
    Your 'pitch black experience' was freaky to read about it, good thing you kept your cool, and well 'shit happens' so jocks are cheaper to replace!! lol
  14. I use the throttle rocker often... going off road and nearly meeting a pole only happens once too...
  15. fark that!!!!

    ten points for not crashing! Holy shit man. That is crazy!
  16. I simultaneously lost both high beam and low beam on Old Healesville Rd at night once, going downhill, fifty metres before a corner entry, which I was already committed to speed/braking-wise. Had just enough light from the pilot light in the headlamp and/or the moon to make out the corner line. Heart in mouth kind of stuff!
  17. I wasn't suggesting it was a common occurrence, just reminding you that I remember the rather well-told story, that's all :LOL: