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Everything Two Wheels - Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Jem, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    If you saw my previous post you will know that after the demise of Brighton Kawasaki I was looking for a new place to have my ER-6N serviced and if you read between the lines I did not really want to go to the only current Kawasaki Dealers in the Ringwood area.

    There had been a lot of positive talk on here about Peter at Everything Two Wheels and although logistically it was a bit out of the way I booked in with him and had the service done yesterday.

    So my thoughts for what they are worth -

    Made the booking call on Monday 3rd and left a message on the Machine - Peter called me back within the hour and booking was made for 8am Thursday. and a firm quote given.

    Arrived at 8 and Peter was at the door waiting for me and bumped the bike up the footpath and straight onto the stand for the service. (For those of you who have not been there E2W is in a shop Front and the only access is up the footpath and straight in the front door.)

    We discussed the that the 6k service was more of a look and see but had agreed that the oil and filter would be changed even though not required by the service schedule.

    Had a bit of a chat about where I worked etc and Peter said I can have it ready by about 1 for you.

    So out the door and across the road and caught the tram into the city. Arrived back at E2W about 1 and the bike was about 10 minutes away from being finished. I had just turned up and had planned to have some lunch out that way so all good. Went and had lunch at the vegetarian place Peter recommended and it was great so thanks for the tip Peter.

    Now onto the service; as you know I am still a noob so take the following with that in mind:-
    Booking was easy and I was surprised to get in same week from what I had heard around the place
    E2W is a bit hard to find if you have not been there before
    Peter was a really nice bloke and happy to explain things to me
    Price quoted was exactly what was charged
    All cables etc lubed and adjusted and the bike feels better to ride now that any time since I have had it,
    Clutch take up point is so much better than it was
    Bike was ready when he said it was going to be

    All in all I would highly recommend Peter and E2W if you have a Japanese bike and are looking for somewhere to get it serviced were the bloke you talk to is actually going to be the bloke doing the job and not the apprentice.

    Thanks Peter.

    Cheers Jeremy
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