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Everything Two Wheels, Fitzroy North

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Cheeba, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. I really cannot recommend Everything Two Wheels enough so I thought I'd share my opinion on Pete and his workshop. Like most people I HATE trying to find mechanics as to be honest there are some really bloody dodgy ones around so I feel exposure really has to be given to those who go above and beyond the call of duty.

    I recently dropped in my GF's Hornet for a service and to have a Givi rack fitted. When Pete had fitted the Givi rack for her and I got it home, we realised that it did not have the same base plate as the box we had at home (box and rack bought separately) so when the second plate was fixed to the rack (by Pete as I could not work out wtf was meant to go where) according to the manufacturers instructions and equipment; it basically looked shit and neither of us trusted the solidity of it. Most mechanics would have shrugged and said "Well that's how Givi have made it" but Pete told us to come back at the weekend and he'd fix it up.

    Neither my GF or I realised that by fixing it up he meant he would go and buy metal strips, cut them to size, drill new holes and reattach the Givi plate to this new modified frame! Utterly ****ing brilliant! Not only did it really look a hundred times better, it also felt like it would tow a van it was so secure. So my GF rode off with a new storage system that didn't look shite on her bike that was running like a dream.

    So - I dropped my FZ in on Wednesday for a service and to have new rubber put on it. Bizarrely enough and with perfect timing I got a puncture on Tuesday night! Anyway, I digress...

    I picked it up on Wednesday night and not only had the service been done and new tyres put on but he had also fixed up a couple of issues I had been having but forgot to mention - he really does know bikes inside and out. The throttle now snaps back and is more responsive as he took the time to clean it out for me, the bike - holy shit it's the most profound difference I have had following a vehicle's service - it feels like the bike is so much freer and 'breathes' much better. To use an old cliche it feels like a new bike and the only surprise when I paid was that it was less than I expected.

    Now the tyres - I'd been talking to Pete about what I wanted and he mentioned the new Continental Road Attacks 2 (I'd put a Conti Road Attack on my GFs bike when I borrowed and immediately got a puncture in the back wheel of hers too and liked the feel of it) so I thought sod it - the tax man can buy me some new rubber.

    These things are incredible - seriously incredible. I never thought I'd get excited about some bloody tyres but these make the bike feel so tight to the tarmac and have added sensitivity to the bikes feel. So much so that the old ones felt like a band of copper in comparison. I am so happy with the service from Pete - no bullshit, really trustworthy and extremely knowledgable - I always end up talking shit for a while when I pop in whereas normally it's "Here's the keys" and I'm off.

    Yesterday I was 89kms late for work :D

    I fear a recurrent pattern in my future ha ha :)

    So yeah, there's my rambling review! 7 thumbs up out of 6!
  2. Pete did a service and new tires on my Honda Deauville recently. Fantastic service the bike was like new when he had finished.
  3. I'm taking my bike there tomorrow for something minor and if his level of customer service and knowledge on my bike that he discussed with me over the phone is anything to go buy then maybe I have just found myself a new mechanic.
  4. Does anyone know if they fit power commanders and do dyno tunes? Have just been stuffed around by one notorious place who charged me for a service I didn't want and still didn't tune my bike so I am looking elsewhere... any reccomendations?
  5. Spotty,
    I am yet to try Pete and E2W but am a regular customer of Dynoverks, in Boronia.
    If E2W cannot assist you, try either Dean or Jason at Dynoverks - very helpful, pro friendly chaps who deal with sportsbikes regularly.
  6. Pete also tells excellent jokes about internet p0rn.

  7. There's p0rn on the internet ?!
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  8. He hasn't got a dyno tuner that I know of. Otherwise for all other needs - get round there to ask him :)

    The only down part about Pete is that he doesn't do late 80's 4WDs also ;)
  9. And for that, you only have to drive around the corner to here:

    Dino's Automotives
    132 Victoria St, Brunswick East
    (03) 9380 6674

    One man show - Victor - and I can't recommend him enough!

    Let me repeat that...highly recommended!
  10. Just had the Mrs and my bike serviced by Pete.

    Can only say the service was excellent. I will be returning for sure.
  11. Awesome, thanks Matt!
  12. Hi Riders out there. Just joined and am sad to hear Pete has had to close his business, he was not only a great guy, but a honest mechanic which are a rare breed these days! Question I now pose is who do I entrust to service my GSXR 600..?? Any ideas..? I'm in Pascoe Vale but happy to travel to find a good honest and reliable mechanic if need be...
  13. Yes I agree, I am a refugee from E2Ws closure as well. I ended up at High Octane in Thomastown. They are run by brothers Kon and John and they seem to have a similar honesty ethic.
  14. Thanks chris, maybe I'll try them out. I just need a service but also need to to check out the bike. It was almost stolen in front of my work a few months back and I've since (with the assistance of a friend) replaced all the parts that were broken in the attempt to pinch it. So want them to check it over in the event the "prick" that tried to pinch it has done some further damage that wasn't visible.