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Everything 2 Wheels Motorcycle health check day

Discussion in 'VIC' started by E2W, May 16, 2010.

  1. Everything 2 Wheels Motorcycle health check day *updated*

    The Everything 2 Wheels motorcycle heath check day will be held on Saturday the 29th May from 11am onwards. The aim of the day is for riders to come to the shop and have a one on one mechanical inspection performed on their motorcycle while they watch and learn. Minor adjustments will be made such as lubing and adjusting chains, checking tyre presures and topping up fluid levels. Every motorcycle that has a health check performed will be entered into the draw for some prizes drawn later in the afternoon. The prizes are as follows:

    1st - 1 Pair of Pirelli Angel ST tyres
    2nd - 4lt Motul 3100 engine oil plus an oil filter to suit your bike
    3rd - A years subscription to Justbikes magazine
    4th - Motorcycle alarm system - supplied by Third Gear motorcycle accesories
    5th - LED indactors - supplied by Third Gear motorcycle accesories
    Plus other free gifts to give away on the day

    The day will also include a Sausage sizzle from around lunch time onwards.

    If your interested in coming along please post your name below so I know what sort of numbers to expect

    For more deatails on the day - address - phone number http://www.everythingtwowheels.com.au/ to head to the E2W website.

  2. Great initiative, well done !
  3. Good work pete, hopefully you can fit one and all into your shop!
  4. Oh that's cool as hell. I've actually been meaning to adjust my chain but wasn't 100% sure how to do it without boning my alignment, so this will be good.
  5. Bugger, clashes with Historic Winton. Good idea though.
  6. you got any imperial tools?
  7. What have you bought now? Surely you didn't get rid of the DN01?
  8. Way to go Pete.

    You need a hand with anything?
  9. count me in! Can I bring something? Salad? Softdrink?
  10. All's thats required is riders and their bikes from 11am onwards.
  11. Yep, I'l coming..
    Sounds like a good and worthwhile day.
  12. Fab idea Pete. Unfortunately already booked that day. Will come to the next one for sure.
  13. i'd come if only I was to get the tires! But unfortunately work is to be done at the place that gives me money to work... :(
  14. love to attend my first netrider gathering

  15. so you going to Melbourne then ye?
  16. I'm sure it'll only take patr1 2 or 3 hours to get here....
    If anyone can he can....8-[
  17. I expect to make it, sounds like a great arvo.

  18. lol good call
  19. i might come in for a bit. my bike needs a little bit of work and i wouldnt mind getting a quote on some prices + gear while im there.

    i think i have work at 2pm that day tho
  20. I'm in and probably plus 1.