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Everything 2 wheels 345 st georges rd Fitzroy

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by slickncghia, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. G'day Guys,

    Just want to give a big wrap to Pete the pom. I forget the name of his shop....its "Everything 2 wheels"...or something like that

    Great bloke, good knowlege, loves his bikes (dosent just work for 5pm like some of the big shops around) and better rates then you will find at most places.

    Took my bike in today and he fixed a problem that my previous mechanic couldnt, did it in 10 minutes flat. then shot the breeze for an hour or so.

    Anyone in the northern suburbs that needs work i (and allot of my fellow NR's) highly recommend him.

    I only have his mobile, but im sure he wont mind

    Everything 2 wheels (or something lol)
    345 St Georges Rd Fitzroy.
    03 90777312
    ask for pete

  2. He used to get talked about a lot on this forum but seems to have dropped off the radar about 2 years ago.
  3. he's around and he has opened his own shop now. nice little setup too
  4. Yep, thumps up for Pete.
    No BS and good customer service.
  5. Pete's great, knows his shit, looks after people.
  6. Sis couldn't fix your problem??? :? :!:
  7. googled everything 2 wheels, no joy!

    googled address comes up with Peter Barnes Real Estate Agent!
  8. Here you go:

  9. Thanks Gavin,

    I thought that was another forum, it didn't look like a website!

    Yeah I know don't judge a book by it's cover!
  10. Click on the top banner when it comes up ;)
  11. "everything two wheels" eh? Should have a tube for my mountain bike then......... :cool:

    Otherwise that's just blatant false advertising! :p :LOL:
  12. Those ad's with "Longer Lasting Sex" written on them, now thats false advertising. I ordered the cream, rubbed it on but then couldn't bend my fingers for 2 days.

  13. Funny.

    Pete the Pom I presume? - or is it simply Pete?
  14. yeah i get my bike serviced through him & have done for years

    lol check out Petes blog -

    see, everyone thinks my baby is awesome haha
  15. thats only 'cause he hasn't ridden my ktm yet :p

    drz400 and street cred in the same sentance :rofl:

    ahh just kidding.... they're great bikes :D
  16. Strange. I didn't go anywhere?
  17. Forgot, bit of a poof though. :grin:
  18. As long as it is only a bit of one that should be ok.... :p

    Out of curiosity.... which bit :?: :LOL:
  19. Another :thumbup: for Pete, excellent service, great bloke. Took my Spada in for a service and it's running like new. Also checked out my bike on the weekend after my 'off' last week without charging (it was only a 10 minute inspection but still I appreciate it!)
  20. i changed it...now you might want to take your mobile out of your own quote

    1 in the morning? thats a bit fcuking rich mate