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Everyones on RAGE pills at the moment

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by adge82, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. Yesterday i was riding behind my wife on the way to work.
    She is very new and nervous and so takes a little time to get up to speed.

    This 20something 200SX driver pulls up real close to my rear tyre, no problem thats why its me in the back and not my wife.
    We continue along for a little while until he is sick of being 5km under the limit and gives and shoot up the emergency lane to get in front of me.
    Of course im not going to let him get behind my dearest so i twist the throttle, block his path and slow down.
    He starts blasting on the horn, i go slower. He turns off at the next intersection.

    So im a little ticked off, but fine.

    Then im coming home and again following the wife, she has a little trouble getting around a corner and needs to steady herself once straight, again i hear the blasting of a horn.
    White VX Wagon with a middle aged idiot behind the wheel is waving his arms and going nuts. Again, i just went slow and gave her some room.

    Whats going on, anyone can see the big yellow L on the back of her bike.
    Im not riding right behind her, so the L plate should be right in there path of vision.
    Shes not dawdling, still going just as fast as the cars and probably getting up to speed just as fast as well.

    Bunch of damn fools we have all become on these roads, some people sure do need a reminder that it is not your RIGHT to use the road but a PRIVELIDGE that should be earned.

    Rant over.
  2. Yeah that sort of thing really does suck, it is as if they have forgotten that they were learners once, also learning on 2 wheels isn't as easy as 4. If it we me behind my finacee while learning I'd probably chase them down and give them aserving. But that would leave my beloved alone for a while, so I'm not to sure about that. :)

  3. It's nice that you're man enough to admit she pays for everything :)
  4. Just stay mellow and remember that the people who get furious at everything will die twenty years earlier than yourself ;)
  5. It friday, that's my only excuse. :)
  6. It was windy yesterday - and I remember reading something once on a study done into violent crime which found that strong winds can increase the level of aggression in some people (ie there was more violent crime on days that were windy). Maybe they were onto something, perhaps we need a study into road rage and the weather :-k.
  7. we need to make up shirts to go over leather jackets which read on the back "NEW LEARNER, DON'T BE A PRICK"
  8. I've had my L's for 3 weeks now, I admit that even riding on the freeway etc I haven't had any problems, but I admit that I don't go 80 on the freeway, I figure that's just asking for trouble.

    It's just a shame that people don't respect the L's unless your in a car. Then it's too big and they realise there's no point in complaining.
  9. Yep, there are a lot of stupid people out there.

    You know one day they'll piss the wrong person off and get stabbed in the neck or something.

    It's good that you stayed calm and looked out for the learner.
  10. Ever been in a cage and travelled behind someone going less than the speed limit? I have and its like time stands still.
    Sometimes I see Learners and those instructing them slowing up all those around them and you think they have chosen some stupid roads and times to be trying to learn, because realistically L-plate or not there are many road users that will not extend any courtesy to them and some may even put them at extra disk by tailgating and dangerous overtaking when on single lane roads.
    I reckon if you’re a complete newbie and apprehensive about riding, then selecting the times & roads you will ride on will be one of the most important things for you to do prior to getting out there for practice.
  11. Hi adge82,

    There is no consideration for people on there "L's" thease days.
    Some times I don't know what the rush is but it sounds like they are going nowhere fast! hehehe!

    Have a safe one!

  12. ive never really had a problem, the joy of smaller towns, stalled in busy traffic and you get "dont worry mate, you'll be right" or "we're all learners onece, take your time relax" :grin: i love country drivers....
  13. DuHAST: Sure, it might feel like time's standing still. There are generally (but not always) other lanes for us to use.

    People need to learn patience.
  14. i git the tail gate treatment the 2nd time went out on the bike....some friendly riders saved me though :)
  15. 22 road deaths in 22 days in victoria
    Says a lot I think about driver attitudes.
    People are going mad.
  16. Seeing an L-plater in front of them wont teach them that, that’s the reality out there.
    Personally i don’t spook them, but im the minority.
  17. I second that. Cager's can be pigs.
  18. Like waving a flag to an already cantankerous and pissed off bull I reckon.

    I will freely admit its a bloody nuisance when you're jammed in behind a (obviously very raw) learner and they're doing 40 in a 60 zone, but I try to not make things worse by tailgating or other silly things. DuHast called it though - learners and instructors alike should choose their roads with care based on time of day and current skill of learner.

    I know I have some shepherding duties coming soon for a raw learner friend, so this is a good point for consideration.
  19. im use to it. I live right next to an RTA and instructors bring learners down to learn every day where the test will take place as well as people being tested. Heaps of rage going on in this block.

    Honestly though, its the L plates more than the speed. I remember being on my L's and overtaking slower traffic, as soon as they see the L plates they all speed up to overtake you and then slow down again.

    Its that common fear "Oh man L plater, now ill be 20 minutes late" crap.

    Good luck.

    I know a few people who refused to put L plates on following certain incidents and tell me they had no more incidents later, not that im suggesting you should.
  20. I know. I wasn't saying the L plate should teach them that, just that it should be learned. I like seeing learners on the road. Yes, I get around them if I feel that they're going to hold me up or annoy me, but I, like most others here, refuse to tail them or anything like that. I get cranky when I see other people doing it to them.