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Everyone wants me to stop riding my bike...what do I do??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Leighroy09, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    So I’m having a bit of a problem *sigh*

    I’ve had my first bike for about a week and love to ride it everywhere but everyone I know is worried about me!

    My Mum went off the deep end, my gf tells me she’s worried everyday, my friends tell me all these horror stories and now my Dad has turned around and said I can buy his car off him for $3000 off the private sale price. (I wanted 2 buy it off him 2 months ago but he just said no)

    Mix this with the supposed 100% accident rate and I’m feeling really guilty about having it.

    I try to ride as safe as possible but as the L’s guy said there’s just some accidents that as a rider you can’t avoid.

    I don’t want to let everyone down by losing my job because I’m in hospital for months on end or worse still end up dead from some jerk in a car, but riding is just so much fun!

    I’m sure some of you have been in the situation and I’d just like to know how you overcame the situation?

    Thanks 4 the help guys
  2. It's your life.

    Have a read of the "beat the odds" link in my sig and have a think about your riding.
  3. I just ignore them and continued to ride.

    I STILL get flack for it 18 years later -- I'm not sure if there's much I can do at this point in time.

    As for my wife, I couldn't imagine being with her if she nagged about something I was truly passionate about.
  4. **** em. Sorry mate if they care for you they wouldn't stop you doing what you want to do that makes you happy. I can understand their concerns but this seems way over the top. Remind them it's dangerous to go outside every day. Honestly do what u wanna do, as long as your a smart rider the risks can be totally removed on your end. Good luck
  5. Learn the time honored art of selective deafness
  6. The anti bike brigade are like 'The Borg'. Their life's mission is to get you to assimilate back into a cage, their way of thinking and their 'chosen' path....

    Kinda like Mac users...
  7. Ask them whether they would be as upset if you took up horse-riding instead?

    Then show them this article http://www.nisu.flinders.edu.au/pubs/bulletin24/bulletin24-Introduc.html

    Estimates of injury rates based on exposure (riding hours or horse riding participation) among all classes of horse riders combined are generally of the order of one injury per 1000 riding hours. This rate suggests horse riding is more dangerous than motorcycle riding and automobile racing (Gierup et al. 1976); (Firth 1985); (Nelson et al. 1994); and (Paix 1999).

    It's a good comparison to use and gets people thinking about just how dangerous an activity it is. They are invariably prepared to accept the risks for riding horses but not the 10 times less risk of riding a motorcycle. It helps overcome the fear that gets hammered into people by the anti-motorcycle brigade and points out that while the risks are real - they are not all that high.
  8. Me personally haven't told any of my immediate family members as they live overseas... My friends know about it and they've been really supportive and even make comments like "you got a bike!? that's cool man! take me for a spin!"
    My gf has been great, she was the first person to know that I was getting a bike and has never once tried to convince me not to, however she does tell me to be careful every time i go for a ride
    I did ask her why she didn't try to convince me and her response was because she understands how much fun it is (she had experience as a pillion)

    So maybe once your year is up you can take them for a ride so they can experience it themselves... better yet, convince them to get a bike themselves and you can ride together!!

    Oh and btw check out this thread if you haven't already done so:

    Don't give up!!
  9. Ignore 'em.

    Worked for me.
  10. Wow! thanks heaps for the comments guys! Arnt you meant 2 be @ work :D (I cant talk)

    I've read through all the links that have been posted and it does put things into perspective.

    I've decided to keep riding until I've completed my P's test and see how I feel from there. It would be a waste to pack it in after I've gone to all this effort and I enjoy it so much!

    My uncle has been riding bikes since he was a little tacker so I'm going to talk to him tonight, hopefully he will give me some good advise instead of the "you'll kill yourself" comment.

    I didnt know this question had already been asked on the forum, I tried a search but didnt find anything so thanks for going over it again 4 me :D

    Cheers guys!
  11. In the end you have to make the decision for yourself. Do everything in your power to be a better rider and to lower your risks. It is hard when loved ones start the emotional blackmail routine. If you are at all empathetic, you care that they worry about you.

    Discuss it with them, let them know it is something you love and that you are not going to give it up. Say you are going to do further training to make you a better and safer rider and follow up and do it. Read Robsalvvs Beat the Odds link and take its advice to heart.

    Be prepared for this to go on for a while. Work mates and strangers seem to think they can come up and tell you the dangers of motorcycles over and over. As if you will suddenly say "Of course why have I been so blind I will never ride again" :tantrum: Be blunt with them "my Life My Decision and you don't care to discuss it" Family are different and my experience is they generally learn to accept it after a while.

    Good Luck. Stay with what you love in life or you will just have regrets. There is nothing sadder than a life lived with regrets.
  12. It is a personal choice as to whether you continue to ride your bike or not. You need to weigh up the pro's and con's of doing so and make your mind up.

    I had the same discussion with my mum recently (my brother came off his bike a while ago with no injuries, but now his wife is on his case to sell the bike!). I have other friends who have come off their bikes too. I have thought to myself, worst case scenario (permanent injury or even death), is riding the bike worth it??.. my personal decision is yes.

    This MUST be your decision and yours only.
  13. Just tell em you are considering giving up bikes ...
    only to take up diving with sharks. See how their attitude changes then.
  14. this is one argument i sort of don't understand.. there are many things that you could be doing that have risks like motorcycling and it is your choice whether you want to ride or not.

    as above, have a nice chat with them and tell them your position and how it makes you feel when you go for a ride and what it would be like if you never rode again. a lot of the people i know are anti bikes and i don't understand it, its only as risky as you make it. please don't get sucked into the conformists and their cages.

    in the end, if you are so worried about crashing and hurting yourself, why even risk it in a car? why not just walk everywhere. or just sit at home on the couch and never come out because of the risks, but don't go to bed, too many people die in bed, could be risky.

    all in all, everything in life has risks, some big, some small, you just have to try to make the bigger ones smaller and whether the big risks 'riding bikes' have benefits that outweigh the 'risks.'

    bikes to me are my life, i could not live without them, and would choose to ride over doing anything else in the world
  15. Get your sister to post on here and get her to get all teary...

    (can someone link that drama of shit, its frikking hilarious, I can't find it).

    Serious note, my family were pretty pissed when I rocked up on mine, took em about a week to talk to me, and after about 2 months they were totally over it. My mates all took bets as to how long till I'd axe myself, up for grabs was my toolbox (huge), I win, still alive.

    Now parents don't give a hoot...

    Fukem, your life, live it.
  16. I got mum to quieten down alot by buying protective gear. However, when i had a fun high speed stack dad gave me the whole "see i told you so" lecture despite the fact that i parted with my bike at 130 k's an hour and didn't have a scratch on me.

    Realistically even if you do come off from a silly cager swiping you, it is unlikely that you will be killed or seriously injured. Obviously you can have the unlucky crash but most people that come off don't die and some people don't crash at all. It all depends how conservative a rider you are and how well you develop your riding skills.

    Personally i've poured thousands of $$$ into gear and courses have had a couple of stacks due to me going past my boundaries. As long as you keep your head in check you have nothing to fear. On top of this, the only injury i got was too my foot because i had a crap set of boots on and the bike landed on me. Other than that, i've come off unscathed.

    In a nutshell, Bike does not = instant death

    People that call them death-traps are uninformed and closed minded bigots.
  17. They are the standard comments from people that have never ridden a motorbike before.

    You said that you love riding, then this problem should be a no-brainer. Dont let anyone stop you from doing what YOU want to do.

    You are an individual and nobody runs your life but you....
  18. Kill them all
  19. yep, don't let other peoples mis-informed views that every motorcyclist will die from their bike get to you and just go and ride.

    why is it that non riders just don't understand? are they missing something up there *points at head*

    bikes have always been a part of my family, my dad went through the same thing as you are as his dad was anti motorbikes and actually sold my dads first bike xr-75's while he was at school (my dad paid for the bike). my dad went straight to the shop and bought it back and just kept riding and what do you know, hes never not had a bike since.

    i've been riding since about 4 years old (19 now) and could not see any other way of living. sure i've hurt myself but that was racing motorcross, not riding on the road.

    if they can't accept thats the way you want to live your life, well, they'll have to get over it.

    yes :demon: :demon: :demon: