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Everyone, this is Betty. Betty, meet everyone!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by mav, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. New ride.

    2008 Suzuki GSX650F. One of those "in the right place at the right time" moments. For my budget I was looking at 1998 - 2000ish VFR800's and GSF1200S bandits, then came along this young beauty with some very low mileage and snapped her up quick.

    Micron exhaust (sounds oh-so-bloody-good)
    Ventura rack
    One owner with service history.

    Some careful mods could make her look very streamlined.

    Tyres are Battleax BT021's. I'm happy to wear them out, and I will, before replacing with some Angels / PR3s / Z8s

    And yes, she fits in the garage with the car...room to spare!!!! :D :D

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  2. Nice choice.
  3. vera narce-a :LOL:
  4. Hello Betty bam a lam
    Should be a good machine
  5. unbiased eh? :)

    wait till you unrestrict yours
  6. black betty, noice!!
  7. Niceeeee, back to a proper bike, ey Mav?
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  8. Yeah, so I've heard, it's tempting.
  9. Poor Betty's got a cheap ass Ventura rack hanging off her arse.
    She's crying out for a solid top box.

    I loved my Bandit 1200. First (and only) bike I pulled a clutched wheelie on. Almost shat myself and I swear I could hear the bike laughing at me.

    She's lovely.
  10. Very nice. One of the first things you might want to do is change the front springs. Very soft progressive ones are in them and with the weight of the bike they pitch around quite a bit on/off brakes. Cheap upgrade and easy DIY.
    These things are probably quicker out of a corner from low revs than what you would expect from a relatively low powered i4 and don't need the crap revved out of them to get them going.

  11. Yeah, and what would YOU know Whitey?
    Oh, wait, that's right...

    (P.S. the first mod should be changing that bazooka of a can, and the second should be a fender-ectomy. Since it already has a can, I'll pop around this weekend with my Dremel...)
  12. Matey, just watch those 021's......... they are rubbishy wooden fekkin things and I wouldnt trust them if you play in the twisties......... JMO, :(
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  13. Pilot Road 2's (and probably now 3's) seemed to be the tyre of choice when I had my GSX. BT-023's were apparently also ok.

  14. Go do it now NK, weekends are for riding !!!!!

  15. you bring the Dremel and the plate support and i'll provide the beer and "___enter kg's or preferred meat here___"

    Especially in third gear at around 5000 - 6000 revs :D :D

    Will do buddy. Had a warm up on them this arvo coming home on the Old Pac...they dont have too much lean in them!!
  16. Budgets are bastards,I remember them.
  17. No! :evil: ...and the bastards let go without warning, and they arent good in wet weather........
    Agree with whitey......... had PR2's and currently running 023's and cant go past them (y)..... may try 3's next mainly for their purported longevity.
  18. throw me a spare million and I too, will reminisce about them
  19. ohh gawwwwd