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Everyone else is doing a project....

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. .... so I thought I'd TRY one too

    Yesterday I trailered home from a mate's place these two likely prospects.

    They are both goers, the bike without the tank was bought as a donor bike for bits for the yellow one, but the guy ran out of ideas and enthusiasm, and my mate told him to get the stuff out of his shed or he'd give it away. He didn't, so he DID!

    I think they are two different models, since the yellow bike has a double-disc front end and the other a single-disc, but I confess to not knowing much of the Baby-Blade lore that is out there, so ideas, information, etc, would certainly help.

    The donor bike still has a number plate attached, and they both have what appears to be Australian compliance plates, so hopefully I'll be able to make one silk purse out of two sow's ears, and either have a 250 to play with, or something to sell.....

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  2. Check the frame numbers and you should be able to see if parts are interchangeable.

    From my knowledge, CBR250RR came with twin front discs, CBR250R came with a single disc, there may be some other changes but I don't know enough about baby blades either.

    Be good to get them up and running. Make one a naked and the other normal :D.
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  3. Well you did better than a guy a few doors down from me. He had a mate's boat and trailer in his back yard. The mate wouldn't come and get it. After nine months of refusing to come and take it away the guy burnt it to the ground! Ended up with the fire brigade involved and all ... probably fines as well since it was fire season, it was in town and no permits were issued for the fire.
    Incidentally, fibreglass isn't something you should just burn. The smoke is thick and toxic and stinks pretty bad.

    Good luck with the build, Hornet. It sounds like you have some fun ahead of you!
  4. Stuff like that keeps you young :)
  5. The smoke? Well it will stop you from getting old, that's for sure! :ROFLMAO:
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  6. N
    No ya goose, the project, but you knew that didnt you?
  7. :sneaky:
  8. I owned the single front disc babyblade, and yes they are different versions. Single disc is the MC19, and the double disc setup is the MC22. I think the frames are slightly different, but don't know what that implies as far as moving parts from bike B to bike A.

    Engines are pretty similar, but its easier to get new parts for the MC22, as I think the MC19 parts have been discontinued, though I'm sure you'll find out for yourself pretty quickly.

    If you head over to cbr250.com there's a few project threads, even one where a guy has gone to allot of work documenting his restoration work on one of these bikes. I think the guy that did it has the username scrooge over there.

    Wish i had time money and space to give one of these type of projects a go - Hope you have fun!
  9. I've registered on the cbr250 forum, thanks for the link.

    It appears that both bikes are just 250R models, despite one having a double-disc front end. They both have MC19 black labels. One's compliance plate lists BIKEBIZ, the other SOUTHSIDE MOTORCYCLE WRECKERS. The Bikebiz one is complianced 02/00 and the other 08/01.
    The yellow bike has all its fairings and stuff, the other, none, apart from the side panels.
    The grand plan (who am I kidding?) is to set up the yellow bike and paint it in the 1985 Freddy Spencer 250 race colours http://rmdmotors.com/freddie-spencers-ns500-nsr250/ , but as anyone who knows, knows, no plan survives first contact with the enemy :LOL:.
  10. The single disc bike (MC19) shares a shit load of parts with the Spada. From the top of my head...

    -Front Disc
    -Rear Disc
    -Brake Pads
    -Triple Tree/Clip Ons
    -Rims (Tri Spoke)
    -Chain and Sprockets
    -Swing Arm
  11. Actually looking at the shots I'd hypothesise that both bikes are the older MC19, single 'r', version. They both have their clip-ons above the upper triple clamp. They both appear to have the straight-style Spada swingarm. And finally, the exhaust on your 'newer' yellow machine seems to have a weld-on as opposed to bolt-on exhaust.

    As far as I can see the only, "double R", traits the yellow bike has includes the multi-spoke rims and double discs. I may be wrong but it's certainly something of a mish-mash. Although you can get cheap Spada parts now. Hooray!
  12. that's the sort of stuff I wanted to hear, thanks :cool: